Red Light District Hotel Building is a neo-gothic skyscraper in Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and an unnamed hotel in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories located in Red Light District, being the second tallest building in Portland along with its replicas.

In Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, the building has a "Hotel" sign on it.


The building is located next to the subway station in Red Light District. If the player uses the Dodo in GTA III or a helicopter (accessible through glitchs) in GTA: Liberty City Stories to reach the top of the building, it is noticeable that, even although there is no roof texture, the top is still solid, therefore making it possible for the player to walk around. In GTA III, the building is under developing by Rush Construction Company.

In GTA III, the building has no doors and is only accessible by breaking any of the windows. A hidden package can be found inside the building.


There are three replicas in Saint Mark's (with two of them being unnamed) with the same design as this, however the Red Light District building is the only one known to be owned by something.

These buildings serve no purpose whatsoever or the storyline and are only present for the aesthetical development of Portland. 


The building's textures were taken from the Woolworth Building located in Manhattan, New York City, althrough the building have with a different design. In both games, it is inaccessible to the player.


  • Strangely, none of the buildings have entrances.

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  1. TowerBlock-GTALCS-DebugMenu.png
    Name used by the developers, as seen in the GTA: Liberty City Stories debug menu, accessible by modifying the SCM file.


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