Red Desert Avenue is a two-way street in Del Perro Beach and Del PerroLos Santos in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.


From west to east, it begins at Del Perro Pier, and ends at the intersection of North Rockford Drive and Industry Passage, crossing Bay City Avenue and Prosperity Street Promenade. It also passes over Magellan Avenue and Equality Way.

Places of Interest


Del Perro

Del Perro Pier


  • Jesse's contact point (in front of The Big Puffa)



  • NPCs driving long vehicles, such as the Pounder or Bus, that turn left onto North Rockford Drive tend to not stay in their lane and drive onto the sidewalk, likely hitting the wall or knocking down any lamp posts. This can also lead them to running over any pedestrians that are there as well.


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