Entrance and interior of the junkyard.

Red's Machine Supplies is a pickup and auto salvage yard in Grand Theft Auto V that is located on Paleto Boulevard in Paleto Bay, Blaine County. The area has a sign at the entrance warning people that a guard dog is within. A Scrap Truck bearing the logo Rogers Salvage and Scrap is outside the area. Inside are various machines manufactured by Brute and HVY

Mission roles

Red's Machine Supplies plays a role in the story when the protagonists fight through it in The Paleto Score.


  • A pile of Grade C construction plywood, shown to be manufactured in Ireland, bears the registation "Fap-Fap", a term used widely on the internet referring to masturbation.
  • The font used for the sign out front is called "Chinese Rocks", which is Red Dead Redemption's official font, making an obvious easter egg.
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