For the radio station in GTA 2 also known as Rebel Radio, see KING. For the vehicle, see Rebel. For the race in GTA Online, see Rebel Rodeo.
"The true sound of Blaine County - drunk, armed, and ready to party."
―GTA V Website.

Rebel Radio is a Country radio station featured in Grand Theft Auto V. The station is hosted by "The Dancing Outlaw" Jesco White, who personally compiled the track listing for the station. The station broadcasts from the Rebel Radio Building in the Grand Senora Desert, close to the town of Harmony.


Exclusive for PS4, Xbox One & PC versions

( * These songs were originally cut from previous-gen releases)

Deleted Songs

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GTA V's trackID.gxt2 database reveals more songs were planned to appear on the station but were not included in the final version.

Alongside the trackID.gtx2 database, more songs were found in a early build of GTA V on a dev PlayStation 3.[7]

  • Johnny Cash - Man In Black (1971)
  • Jon Wayne - Mr. Egyptian (1985)
  • GG Allin – Son Of Evil (1993)
  • Marvin Jackson - Dippin' Snuff (1973)[8]



Rebel Radio - GTA V Radio (Next-Gen)

Rebel Radio - GTA V Radio (Next-Gen)


  • The radio station's name is a possible reference to the origin of country music in the Confederate southern states of America, as Confederate soldiers were referred to as "Rebels" during the American Civil War.
  • If the player walks up to the radio station headquarters, they will hear songs that are played on the radio station, though the song playing from the radio building will not match the song being played on the station at that time.
  • The song "Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way" by Waylon Jennings is featured in Trevor's introduction trailer.
  • Two of the songs from this station automatically play according to events as the story progresses. Firstly, "I Ain't Living Long Like This" by Waylon Jennings will play after Trevor has pushed Ortega's trailer into the river in Mr. Philips. Secondly, "It Won't Be Long (And I'll be Hating You)" by Johnny Paycheck will play when Trevor and Wade Hebert drive to Los Santos following their ambush of The Lost MC camp during Friends Reunited.
  • Rebel Radio's logo is very similar to that of Cerveza Barracho.
  • The songs from this radio station are played inside Ammu-Nation and other stores in Blaine County.
  • As well as Channel X and Los Santos Rock Radio, this may be one of Trevor's favorite radio stations, as it sometimes plays on the radio in his trailer, and he often headbangs to it when inside a vehicle.

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