Bulgarin in his living room

Bulgarin's House is a location in Liberty City, featured prominently in The Ballad of Gay Tony.


Bulgarin's home is a middle sized house on Aragon Street in Meadow Hills, Dukes. Here, Ray Bulgarin lives with his right-hand man, Timur, and his sister Galina, for as long as they are staying in Liberty City, while Bulgarin and his men hunt down Niko Bellic. The house's upper floor is inhabited by Galina (and they are unseen during the game), while the lower floor is inhabited by Bulgarin and Timur. The lower floor is heavily decorated with sports and rock memorabilia that Bulgarin purchased during his stay in the city.

It is from this location that Bulgarin gives all of his missions to Luis Lopez. The Radio Station that plays in the house is Liberty Rock Radio 97.8.

Mission Appearances