Raven Slaughterhouse is a slaughterhouse featured in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.


The slaughterhouse is located on Orchardville Avenue in Cypress Flats, Los Santos, south of Grand Banks Steel Foundry. It is used by Wei Cheng and the Los Santos Triads.

According to a plaque seen twice in the facility, Raven has been operating for over 100 years in the Los Santos area. It is only accessible during Fresh Meat, as the access doors will be closed for the rest of the game.

Events of GTA Online

Events of GTA V

During the mission Fresh Meat, the Triads hold Michael De Santa hostage at the slaughterhouse - mistakenly thinking that this would trigger a reaction from Trevor Philips. Franklin Clinton later arrives at the slaughterhouse to rescue Michael, and together they clear the slaughterhouse of Triads and make an escape.



  • The various meat grades seen on the boxes appear to be a parody of food grading, specifically the United States Department of Agriculture's Meat Quality and Yield Grades, which judge the marbling, age, and skeletal ossification of beef in order to determine its quality and best use. A humorous note is that the shipment to Burger Shot is not only a negative letter grade, but a full quality grade below animal food.
  • Raven Slaughterhouse's appearance in Fresh Meat marks the third time a slaughterhouse has been seen in the GTA series - with the first appearance being during The Meat Business in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and the second being during The Paleto Score in Grand Theft Auto V.
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