"It's not like in Rapefest Quark Zoom, where they subvert the clichés by embracing them. And then undermining them by making them all true. But then that's written by a genius. Whereas your show is such a hack job."
― Quote by an anime fan in Princess Robot Bubblegum.

Rapefest Quark Zoom (レイプフェストクォークズーム) is a Japanese anime series mentioned in the HD Universe of the Grand Theft Auto series.


The anime is mentioned in the Princess Robot Bubblegum anime show, where it is seen in the season 2 crossover episode: "Princess Robot Bubblegum And Sexy Time Japanese Horseradish", where Rapefest Quark Zoom's main protagonist, Shiny Wasabi Kitty, and Princess Robot Bubblegum put aside their differences and join forces after fighting each other and killing their fans.

The Rapefest Quark Zoom logo also appears in Grand Theft Auto Online with the Arena War update, where it can be seen on the Nightmare Scarab with the Nut House livery equipped.


Character Description Image
Shiny Wasabi Kitty A rival of Princess Robot Bubblegum who was one of Master Hentai's pupils, but she turned evil. She is voiced by Tina Chen. Shiny-Wasabi-Kitty-Image-GTAV



  • The Japanese text at the bottom of the logo says "Happy Ecchi Time", which implies the show has a sexual nature.

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