The Rangers are a fictional British Football team appearing in Grand Theft Auto: London 1969, during the early part of the second chapter, Mods and Sods.


In 1969, the Rangers were traveling through London to a match. The protagonist is tasked with "messing" with them on the orders on the twin gangsters Albert and Archie Crisp, for their own gambling purposes. First, the protagonist blows up their team coach with a Rocket Launcher. The coach had been on the way to pick the team up, so then the London mob organizes alternate transport for the team, picking them up in London Cabs. The Crisps order the protagonist not to harm the players. The protagonist takes two midfield players to a garage owned by the Crisps, Honest Rays, where they are "detained" by the Crisps for unknown purposes. The mission is complete after dropping the players off, and "a lot of money is earned".


  • There are a number of real-life British football teams called The Rangers; it is unclear which the fictional team in the game is meant to be based on, if any.