The Randolf Art Center is an art gallery located on Galveston Avenue, Middle Park West, Algonquin, Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Based on the real-life Lincoln Centre for the Performing Arts, the Randolf Art Center houses a variety of artworks, with two exhibitions advertised outside the buildings. Featured artists include Adam Biggs, "an artist that paints nothing but circles", and a touring exhibition by Philips Van Der Philip who works on "aesthetic minimalism". These artworks can only be seen through windows on the outside as it is not accessible by the player. It appears to focus on modern art.

The art center is featured on the website,



  • Randolf might be the surname of a fictional American president within the HD Universe, since the real-life Lincoln Centre is named after Abraham Lincoln.
  • Quite humorously, the logo of Randolf Art Center spells out the word "fart" with the last letter of the word Randolf and the word art. 
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