Rancho Projects.

The Rancho Projects is a large housing project in Grand Theft Auto V, located on Dutch London Street and Jamestown Street in southern Rancho, Los Santos.

The projects is controlled by the Los Santos Vagos, and contains a high presence of Hispanics. The projects consist of 9 individual buildings, with 4 nearby parking lots for residents.


The projects are based on several housing projects in Los Angeles. It is mostly based on Nickerson Gardens in Watts in LA, however the graffiti and murals draw influence from Estrada Courts in Boyle Heights. The projects is located right next to the Rancho Towers, which is based on the Watts Towers, with the same location as both Nickerson Gardens.

Gang Control

The projects have a high presence of Vagos gang members, dealing and hanging around in the area. Vagos are seen in groups of 3-5, with as many as 20 gang members within the surrounding area. They have their gang vehicles parked at the parking lots in the area, including special yellow Mananas and Tornados and black and yellow Buccaneers. Several graffiti tags are also visible in the area. Several large graffiti murals in the area say "In Memory of Alphonse" or "In Memory of Jose", most likely in memory of the deaths of high ranked members of the Vagos that represented in the area.


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