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The Rampage icon in Grand Theft Auto III.

Rampages are challenges that can be found throughout Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto III. They represent arguably the most difficult trials in the game, tasking players with killing a certain amount of enemies or destroying a certain amount of vehicles within 2 minutes.

Rampage icons are marked by a white skull set in a blue circle. There are 20 rampages in total – 6 in Portland, 7 in Staunton Island, and 7 in Shoreside Vale. Each Rampage has two spawn locations; if the player fails a Rampage at its first spawn, it will spawn at its second set location, and if the player fails it again, it will spawn back at the first location.

Like Unique Stunt Jumps, each completed Rampage rewards an increasing $5,000. For example, the first Rampage offers $5,000; the second offers $10,000, etc., up to $100,000 and a bonus of $1,000,000 for completing all 20.

All 20 Rampages account for 1% completion of the game, and are thus necessary for 100% completion of the game. Rampages can be started at any point in the game outside of missions, but starting them too late will cause the serious disadvantage of gangs being hostile to Claude.



Whilst Portland's Rampages aren't too difficult, completing the Triad-related Rampages before completing Toni Cipriani's missions is highly recommended so that they are not hostile towards Claude during the Rampage. Similarly, it's recommended that players complete the Mafia-related Rampage before completing "Sayonara Salvatore".

# Requirement First location Second location Strategy
1 Kill 20 Mafia members in 2 minutes using an AK-47. Between two garages in Saint Mark's, south of Salvatore's Gentlemen's Club. Alley one block south from Toni's Restaurant. A health pickup can be found just south of the Rampage's first location, on a ledge, if one needs it. If "Sayonara Salvatore" has already been completed, the Mafia will be hostile and will try to swarm Claude. Another disadvantage of playing it after Sayonara Salvatore is that the Leone Family will use the Shotgun. Try to lock on from a distance and kill them before they can get in range. By staying near to the Rampage pick-up icon and parking a car behind them, players can prevent Mafia from spawning from behind. The Mafia have a strong tendency to spawn directly down the hill, so keep firing to get their attention when are distant.
2 Kill 20 Triad members in 2 minutes using a Shotgun. In an alleyway near Bitchin' Dog Food Factory in Trenton. Ledge behind the hospital (drive up to police station). If the Triads are already hostile towards Claude you can attain a Wanted Level. This will make them become neutral. Finding cover such as the police station parking lot, where there is a low wall surrounding it, or the hospital where there are two health pick-ups, can help with the early part of the Rampage if beginning from the second location.
3 Kill 25 Triad members in 2 minutes using an Uzi. Chinatown, The same place where you pick up the flamethrower in the mission "Trial By Fire". Supa Save parking lot. If the Triads are already hostile, get inside a vehicle and perform drive-by shootings on them to make this Rampage significantly easier. The bulletproof Patriot awarded at the end of "Marked Man" can make this even easier. It's not neccessary to do drive-by's in this rampage but nevertheless, it makes it much easier.
4 Murder 30 Diablo members in 2 minutes using an M-16. In an alleyway in Red Light District near a set of stairs. Right behind Old School Hall (just north of Callahan Bridge). If "Uzi Rider" has already been completed, the Diablos will be hostile to Claude. This can actually be very beneficial, as they will quickly conglomerate around the player; simply repeatedly jump away to get some distance, quickly turn around, and mow them all down by going fully automatic with the weapon.
5 Destroy 10 vehicles in 2 minutes using Grenades. El station by the hospital in Portland View (go right on the tracks). El station by the hospital/near Joey's Garage in Trenton (go left on the tracks). Before starting the Rampage, park a vehicle beneath the tracks where the Rampage icon is. After starting it (from the first location), drop off the tracks and blow up your own stationary vehicle; with luck, it will destroy other vehicles if they have stopped nearby. The nearby parked ambulance and two police cars account for three more easy vehicles – the rest, with a bit of luck, can be got from waiting for cars near the junction outside the hospital. An increased Wanted Level will naturally cause more police vehicles to arrive and pull up near the player. Don't bother coming to Saint Marks, since the Leones won't enjoy you taking out their vehicles.
6 Destroy 13 vehicles in 2 minutes using a Rocket Launcher. Alleyway of the building on the Chinatown/Trenton Border, across the road east of the Old School Hall. Behind a wall, one building east from Greasy Joe's Cafe. Destroy all vehicles nearby. Standing in the parking lot near the bridge should prevent pedestrians from reaching Claude, who will attempt to fist fight him. As with the previous Rampage, a higher Wanted Level will cause more police vehicles to arrive, making for more targets. If anyone on foot gets nearby, they can be killed easily by firing a rocket behind them so that the splash damage from the explosion kills them but doesn't reach Claude.

Staunton Island

As with Portland and its Triads, it's highly recommended to do the Yardie-related Rampages before completing "Kingdom Come", otherwise they will become hostile on sight and make the Rampages more difficult.

# Requirement First location Second location Strategy
1 Torch 16 Yakuza members in 2 minutes using Molotov Cocktails. Newport, on the Newport - Fort Staunton Expressway. You'll see a house on the east side of the highway. At the point of that house is a doorway where you can find the icon. In the corner of the alley at 8-Ball Autos's and the Pay 'n' Spray, next to the multi-level parking garage in Newport. This is one of the easiest Rampages due to the large amount of Yakuza that spawn close together and the few amount of kills needed. Yakuza are not hostile to Claude at any point. Be sure to bring a vehicle as no pedestrians actually spawn close to the Rampage icon, and take care not to set Claude alight. The easiest solution is to launch the cocktails underneath where you picked up the icon to take out some Yakuza which will be most likely very close and then jump down the street to torch more of them. Nearby Yardies are likely to spawn and engage the Yakuza, get rid of them too so they don't cause any trouble.
2 Destroy 8 vehicles in 2 minutes using a Shotgun. The icon is located at the southwest corner of Belleville Park. The icon is located at the northeast corner of Belleville Park, just on the other side where you found the first location. Park a vehicle in the middle of a junction to cause a traffic jam and then start pulling drivers out of their vehicles. Once several vehicles are emptied (and ideally clustered together), start shooting them to cause a chain reaction that should cause several more vehicles nearby to explode. If a few more vehicles need to be destroyed, raise one's Wanted Level until police cars arrive, which provide a few more targets.

As with many Rampages, this can be dependent on luck; how many vehicles spawn and whether drivers choose to flee when shot at or get stuck in a traffic jam can potentially be very challenging.

3 Burn 25 Yakuza members in 2 minutes using a Flamethrower. Drive into the alley opposite Donald Love's hideout (where the Esperanto was in "Kingdom Come") and you'll enter a big parking lot. The Rampage icon is located in the southeast corner by one of the exits. The rampage is located south of the church in Bedford Point. As with the Rampage that tasks the player with killing Yakuza with Molotov Cocktails, this Rampage is also not particularly difficult as the Yakuza spawn in large groups together and do not fight back. Do not underestimate the range of the Flamethrower; it reaches further than the fire animation implies. Be cautious, if you accidentally hit a Yakuza member with your weapon, more of them will attack you.
4 Explode 25 Yardies in 2 minutes using Grenades. The icon is located in the alley behind the Fire Station in Belleville Park, not too far away from the Shoreside Lift Bridge and Uncle BJ's Deli & Groceries. There is an alley at the south side of the block south of the campus area. The icon is located at the right side of that alley. Alongside all Yardie-related Rampages on Staunton Island, tackling this after completing "Kingdom Come" will cause the Yardies to attack on sight, making this much more challenging. If lucky, many Yardies will spawn together, making for prime grenade targets. Otherwise, run up to Yardies, tap the attack button to drop a grenade, and run away. Luring Yardies together is an effective strategy, as is fighting Yardies outside Claude's hideout for quick health (and possibly body armor) access, although ultimately this can be very challenging Rampage regardless.
5 Pop 17 Yardie heads in 2 minutes using a Sniper Rifle. On one side of the AMco building at the border between Torrington and Bedford Point there are some stairs. Go up them and turn right and you'll see the icon. Go up on the walkways at Kenji's casino's entry. At the top one you will find the icon. Sniping the Yardies at ground level is much more effective than doing so from the rooftops. If the Yardies are already hostile to Claude (by completing "Kingdom Come"), intentionally fail the Rampage the first time to have it spawn at the casino. After activating it from the casino, immediately jump off the balcony and start sniping them on the ground while staying near the casino so as not to spawn Yardies from the sides or behind Claude. If no more Yardies are spawning, move onto the road; once more do spawn, repeatedly jump back towards the cover of the casino so as not to get flanked.
6 Annihialate 30 Yardies in 2 minutes using a Rocket Launcher. Approach the Bedford Point church from the highway and you'll find a small alley at the left of the church. Enter the alley and immediately turn right and you will find the icon. The icon is located in the bushes behind the right stairs of the building where the entrance to the large parking lot from Kingdom Come is. This Rampage shouldn't provide much of a challenge due to the Rocket Launcher's lethality. However, if the Jamaicans are hostile towards you, you'll have a hard time since they have a tendency to run up very close to the player. Once the player gains a Wanted Level, Yardies will no longer be hostile if they were before. If Yardies or policemen get too close, fire rockets close behind them rather than at them, so the explosion will not damage Claude as well. If that doesn't work, try picking them off from far away.
7 Destroy 15 vehicles in 2 minutes using an M-16. The icon is located south of the southern-most building on the campus area. In the northeastern corner of the construction site. Before beginning this Rampage, try causing a traffic jam by parking a vehicle on the road close to the Rampage icon. After beginning the Rampage, get somewhat close (the M-16 has strong recoil) and quickly shoot all the vehicles before they can drive away. With any luck, explosions may chain together. Once the Wanted Level increases, police cars and Enforcers provide additional targets, but as they tend to arrive slowly, players should take out as many civilian vehicles as possible beforehand.

Shoreside Vale

All Shoreside Vale Rampages should be completed before completing the final mission, "The Exchange", otherwise the Cartel will be equipped with Uzis and AK-47s rather than Pistols, allowing them to quickly kill Claude.

# Requirement First location Second location Strategy
1 Splatter 20 Cartel members in 2 minutes using a car. In front of the airport terminal's main entrance is a billboard for Fatburger, the icon is located behind that billboard. If you take the tunnel to the airport or if you take the bridge from Staunton Island you will end up on the same road. Keep on that road until it turns right and comes to a crossing. Take a left and continue up the hill until you see a big factory building on your right. Turn left up into the grass and you'll find the icon behind the hill. Using the bulletproof Patriot rewarded for completing the mission "Marked Man" is the easiest option. If the player doesn't have the vehicle, then the best option is to run over the Cartel on the wide road leading off the bridge and underground tunnels to Staunton, as enemies on the other side of the street are too far away to fire at Claude. If the player doesn't have the bulletproof Patriot and has completed "The Exchange", it's likely they will have to hijack a new car or two before the Rampage is finished. It is advised to use a sports car like the Stinger when that happens.
2 Behead 20 Southside Hoods in 2 minutes using an M-16. Turn left from your hideout and then straight down the hill. Then turn left and look up at the hills. You will see an orange Squid billboard, the icon is located behind it. In one of the S-curves going from the apartment area where your hideout is, there are some billboards. The icon is behind the Gasoline billboard. This should be largely straightforward, but players will need to be aware of their surroundings and be sure not to get flanked or ambushed from behind.
3 Splatter 20 Southside Hoods in 2 minutes using a Shotgun. Turn left from your hideout and then straight down the hill. Stop in the middle of the hill and jump over the edge to your left. The icon is on top of a garage below. When you come from the bridge from Staunton Island, you will see a SUMO billboard to your right. The icon is located behind that billboard. This is a difficult Rampage as the shotgun doesn't have an effective fire rate and players can quickly find themselves being overrun. From the Rampage's first spawn point, it's best to start by shooting all nearby enemies from the safety of the garage's roof, which makes a fairly good vantage point to begin with. Enemies can spawn above and drop down onto the roof, however. By dropping down to the right, players can use the low wall along the pavement for cover, and shoot unaware Southside Hoods as they walk past. A health pick-up can be found nearby.
4 Destroy 7 vehicles in 2 minutes by Drive-by. If you take the tunnel to the airport or if you take the bridge from Staunton Island you will end up on the same road. Keep on that road until it turn right and comes to a crossing. Look at the other side of the crossing and you'll find the Punk Noodles factory in Pike Creek. The icon is located behind the raised gate. If you drive down to the lowest part of the dam, the road will go in a circle with big boulders inside it. Just when you enter this area, there is a boulder to the left of the road. The icon is located behind that boulder. The car park at Francis Internation Airport contains several parked vehicles that can be quickly destroyed by drive-bys with no opposition. Otherwise, try pulling several drivers out of their vehicles at a crossroads and then destroy one in a drive-by, ideally causing a chain reaction that will destroy them all. It actually isn't necessary to commit drive-by shootings in order for the explosions to count, so you can cause a traffic jam and shred the needed vehicles to pieces on foot.
5 Destroy 15 vehicles in 2 minutes using the Rocket launcher. At the same crossing as the primary location for rampage #17, you find the Turtle Head Fishing co. Enter the gate and drive to the other side of the building. There you'll find some stairs. Go up the stairs and you'll find the icon on top of the roof. When you come from the bridge from Staunton Island, keep going past the airport entrance and up the hill. Before the road turns right, you'll find a Badfellas billboard. The icon is behind that billboard. This Rampage simply depends on how many vehicles spawn; sometimes the player can get unlucky and not enough vehicles will spawn. Before starting the Rampage, players can try parking a vehicle at the crossroads that the Rampage starting point overlooks, so that by the time the player begins the Rampage, a traffic jam may have started.
6 Remove 15 Colombian heads in 2 minutes using the Sniper rifle. If you take the tunnel to the airport or if you take the bridge from Staunton Island you will end up on the same road. Keep on that road until it turn right and comes to a crossing. Take a left in the crossing and follow that road as it eventually turns right. Keep following the road until you see an opening in the wall to the right of the road. Drive through it into that area and you will see a ramp straight ahead. If you stand in front of that ramp and turn right you will see another ramp. The icon is located at the base of that ramp, behind the big box. Putting it short, it's located in the same compound in which the majority of the mission Bait takes place. If you climb up the ramp where the primary location was and look down you can see a garage. The icon is located at the roof of that garage, which is part of the Pike Creek LCPD Compound. This Rampage is very conditional on how many Cartel spawn in view of Claude. After picking up the Rampage from the first spawn point, head up the ramp and start sniping from the lip of the ledge overlooking the streets below. When no more Cartel are in sight, try moving Claude physically away from the ledge and quickly back again to force more Cartel to spawn, or if "The Exchange" hasn't been completed yet, jump down to the street and headshot the last few remaining Cartel before the time runs out. It is advised that you don't go too close to the cliff of the ramp, since this will make the Colombians spot you and they will run very close to the wall and gang up there.
7 Fry 20 Cartel members in 2 minutes using a Flamethrower. At the top of the S-curves going from the apartment area where your hideout is, you will find a big, purple house which has a Landstalker parked in front of its garage. The icon is located behind the garage. The icon is located in the corner behind the wall to the right of the Import/Export garage. Before completing "The Exchange", merely run onto the road and start flaming any Cartel in sight, and with some luck, this shouldn't prove too difficult. Unlike the Yakuza, the Cartel will not run away when set alight and will continue to shoot at Claude until they die.

If the player has already completed "The Exchange", this can be one of the toughest Rampages in the game as the limited cover will result in Claude dying long before players can kill 20 Cartel members; either get a Wanted Level to reset their hostility to neutral for the rest of the Rampage, or head to the back of the mansion near the Rampage's first spawn position, head to the hedge, and switch to the camera to overhead. The player can set the Cartel alight through the hedge, but the method is heavily dependent on how many Cartel spawn on the path on the other side of the hedge before time runs out.

General tips

  • Make sure to have full health and body armor prior to starting a Rampage. Collecting 50 Hidden Packages will unlock body armor at each hideout near every save point. Prior to this, Body Armor can be bought at Ammu-Nation or found in certain places hidden around the city.
    • Using a prostitute can increase max health from 100 to 125.
  • It is often better to save the game before starting a Rampage and then reload the game if one fails, rather than looking for the Rampage's second location.
  • Although infinite ammo is provided for each Rampage, weapons must still be reloaded; note that magazines can no longer be quickly refilled because weapons can not be switched out and back. There is no dedicated reload button, so players may choose to waste the rest of their magazine by shooting wherever during a lull in enemies so as to force a reload.
  • Many Rampages are dependent on how many targets spawn and where – sometimes not enough targets will spawn in desirable positions.
  • When equipped with weapons that don't allow Claude to sprint, jumping is faster than running.
  • Having a Wanted Level during a Rampage seems to reset gang hostility to neutral[citation/verification needed] – even the Colombian Cartel, who are otherwise always hostile to Claude. This can be incredibly helpful when playing the Rampages after completing the game's story.
  • When required to destroy vehicles with a certain weapon, chain explosions (one car exploding causes another car to explode) count.
  • During the destroy-cars rampages, take advantage of the increased police attention and destroy their spawning vehicles, that will make completing the rampage a lot easier.
  • On the PC version, one can complete Shoreside Vale's Rampage #4 without drive-by (using the Uzi to destroy vehicles).


  • For completing one Rampage:
    • $5,000 plus the monetary reward of the previous Rampage
  • For completing all Rampages:

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