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The Ramius is an uncontrollable Submarine featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the Doomsday Heist update.


The vessel appears to be based on the Typhoon-class nuclear-powered submarine, having the characteristic rounded front end with horizontal diving planes. The vertical sail is located in the back half of the boat. It has a more square-shaped aft section and shrouded propellers. However, it appears to be much smaller compared to the real life submarine.

While not directly referred as such in-game, the vessel has "Ramius" and "2701" painted on the sail and tail, as well as a Russian heraldic shield featuring a two-headed-eagle and 1896. The name is an obvious reference to Captain Marko Ramius from The Hunt For Red October, also featuring a Typhoon class submarine.


The accessible interior of the submarine contains three decks:

Top Deck (fore to aft)
  • Stairway: Access down to the 2nd deck.
  • Bridge: The main control room of the submarine, where the helm, weapons and sonar stations are all located. There is a small circular platform where the vessel crew use the periscope. The sail access hatch ladder is just aft of the periscope station.
  • Missile room: The top deck of a three-level room where the missile tubes can be seen. There are six tubes per side of the hallway, each one with a circular hatch.
  • Exterior access: A medium-sized room containing a scuba diving station. Hallways connect the upper deck down to the engine room via a ladder. A small room leads to the aft access hatch.
Second Deck
  • Gym room: Full width room fitted with exercise equipment and weight lifting gear and a dartboard.
  • Stairway: Access up to the top deck.
  • Latrines: Inaccessible.
  • Bunk/Locker rooms: 30 bunks stacked three-high on each side with lockers lining the corridor through to the Mess.
  • Mess/Galley: Kitchen and dining area. It contains tables and chairs on one side and the kitchen on the opposite side. There are cabinets containing several cans of food. A television and video player are on a stand in the corner.
  • Stairway: Access down to 3rd deck.
  • Missile room: The middle deck of a three-level room where the missile tubes can be seen. No further access at the aft end as the nuclear reactor is located below this section.
  • Upper engine room: Ladder access from the top deck to gantries overlooking the engine. Stairway access down to 3rd deck.
Third Deck
  • Torpedo station: 10 torpedoes stored in two racks, each containing four torpedoes and a fifth one on the deck. Six hatches on the front wall, where they would be loaded for launch.
  • Brig: There is a small security monitoring desk and a cell room with two bunks, a hand basin and toilet.
  • Generator room: An electrical generator.
  • Stairway/Storage: Access up to 2nd deck. Acetylene gas canisters are stored in a cage.
  • Missile room: Lowest deck of the missile room. Metal grate ceiling allows visibility up through to 2nd deck.
  • Nuclear reactor room: A room that provides connection between the missile room and the engine room. A large chamber with the nuclear warning sign marked above an unusable door can be seen here. Room presumably stretches up through to the inaccessible area of the 2nd deck.
  • Oxygen generator room: A large generator presumably the oxygen generator.
  • Engine room: A large two-level room where the engine is seen, with two elevated walkways passing above it.

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Known Personnel

The Doomsday Heist
The Cayo Perico Heist

Prominent Appearances in Missions

Grand Theft Auto Online

The Doomsday Heist

Throughout the Act II of The Doomsday Heist, it is mentioned that the submarine was seen off the coast of San Andreas, and has been the central objective in the setup missions.

  • Setup: Submarine Recon - The submarine appeared physically in the Submarine Recon setup mission, where the crew have to disarm sea mines around the vessel.
  • The Bogdan Problem - Later, it is seen again in the heist finale, where the crew sneaks on board the submarine through the aft access hatch in order to search and eliminate the commander, Bogdan. After Avon's betrayal, Cliffford sets a self-destruct sequence on the vessel, forcing Bogdan and the crew to escape and the boat is destroyed.

The Cayo Perico Heist