Railroad Crossing Open Los Santos (GTA SA)

A Railroad Crossing in Los Santos in the open position. Dead Ballas members can be seen in the foreground.

Railroad Crossing Closed Los Santos (GTA SA)

The same crossing in the closed position as a Brown Streak train passes by it.

Railroad crossings are intersections where vehicles and pedestrians can cross the railways.


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Most crossings, with the exception of some in Los Santos, have barriers and flashing red lights. The barriers will lower when a train is approaching the crossing. However, trains travel very fast and will often pass the crossing before the barriers have fully lowered. In the desert, where large sections of the railway line are long and straight, trains will often be travelling at full speed, giving only a split-second warning of when they are about to pass. An impact at this speed may kill the player instantly. Because the barriers do not extend for the full length of the road, other drivers will often attempt to pass a closed barrier by driving around it, putting them at risk of being hit by an oncoming train. Pedestrians do not stop crossing the tracks, which puts them at risk of being killed by a train as well.

Trains will not stop if an obstacle is on the tracks, nor does a horn signify that they are approaching. The open crossings in Los Santos must be passed with care as they do not have barriers or lights. At some crossings, because of the location of the traffic lights, a long queue of vehicles can result in some vehicles waiting on the tracks. However, with the exception of one mission, vehicles do not normally explode if they are hit by a train.

Locations in GTA San Andreas

Las Venturas

Los Santos

San Fierro

Bone County

  • Two in an unnamed district

Grand Theft Auto V

A possible freight from GTA SA

A freight train passing by a railroad crossing in Los Santos.

Railroad crossings reappear in Grand Theft Auto V in various parts of Los Santos and Blaine County. In Los Santos, railroad crossings extend from an area close to Vespucci Beach to the Port of Los Santos. Freight trains can often be seen carrying boxcars, wellcars, and tank cars. In Los Santos and Blaine County, barriers are present on most crossings, and will close and block the road whenever a train is approaching. In Los Santos, barriers extend for the full length of the road, blocking off all approaching traffic. In Blaine County, however, the barriers do not extend for the full length of the road.

Similar railroad crossings can be found in Los Santos, but these do not have barriers and are instead used by the Los Santos Transit.


  • The railroad crossing lights seem to be glitched in one of two ways in GTA V, depending on the location of the railroad crossing. In Los Santos or Blaine County, the barrier will lower and a bell will sound whenever a train approaches, but the warning lights will never start flashing (this is fixed in the enhanced version.) However, the opposite is true in North Yankton, where the lights will always be flashing even when no train is in sight.
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