"The islets and coves of San Andreas's east coast make it a perfect place for crews to bring product into the country and guns out of it. So perfect that two outfits are competing for exclusive rights for a small stretch of hills and beaches. Raid cash from your rivals and bank it at your own base"
―-Match description

Raid: Going Coastal is a Capture: Raid job featured in Grand Theft Auto Online.

Raid: Going Coastal takes place on the Tataviam Mountains coastlines, a few rocky islands are out at sea, and a large sandy beach is used as the main mission area.

The bases are located on either end of the widest section of the beach. Security Cases are the objectives to steal. They will be located at each of the opponent's bases, in which players will have to reach and attack their opponents base to successfully retrieve a case.

Weapons present are Sticky Bombs, Carbine Rifles, Heavy Snipers, Pump Shotguns, MGs and Micro SMGs.

Vehicles present are mostly off-road vehicles or sea transport. Sanchez's are on land, whilst Seasharks are on the shorelines.


Going Coastal Raid GTAO Map



  • The job name is a play on "going postal".


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