"Teams spawn on their own side, the objectives/bags are in the center of each team spawning area. Bring the objective out of the enemy spawn/capture area into your spawn/capture area 8 times to win. Spawn kill or be spawn killed...."
―Match Description

Raid: Claustrophobia is a Rockstar verified, user created Capture featured in Grand Theft Auto Online.

The capture takes part on the western end of the Sandy Shores Airfield runways. Two large circular enclosed areas are joined together, and defense blocks like wood stacks and containers are used to defend each team.

Bags are the objective to collect, they spawn in the middle of the two circles, players will also spawn here. 8 Bags are required to be collected to win the game.

The only weapon present is the Advanced Rifle. Health and Armor's are found on each circle.

No vehicles are present, as the players are enclosed into the circles, and there is no escape route.


GTAO-Claustrophobia Map


  • Claustrophobia is the name given to phobia of enclosed places like elevators and alleyways, clearly referencing the confined circles which the players are enclosed in.
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