For its successor from GTA V, see Channel X.
"Targetting an entire generation of apathetic, despondent, trust-fund babies. Radio X..."
— Station jingle
"Finally, there IS an alternative. The home of Modern Rock. This is a revolution. Guitars, nihilistic hedonism, and telling the elder generation to go screw themselves. Nobody has done this before. We are original thinkers. We are free. Sage leads the navel gazing; she is a remarkable talent."
— GTA San Andreas Website

Radio X (styled as Radio:X in its logo) is a radio station in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas that plays alternative rock, grunge, hard rock and alternative metal. It is hosted by Sage (voiced by Jodie Shawback).


Radio X is full of the 1990s grunge attitude and of the Generation X vibe of the time. Its host, Sage, presents an intellectual, nihilist, revolutionist and pessimistic character.

Through its idents it boasts that "finally there is an alternative to commercial rock, these guys don't care about money". It also says that it is "the birth of modern rock and fundamental social upheaval" and that "the end of civilization is here". It attacks the older generation, the baby boomers, and its music, saying "anyone who doesn't think this is the best music recorded in history, should just jump off a bridge and die".

It also humorously pokes fun of the self-centered attitude of its listeners, with idents that say "we are self-important nihilists", "who cares about poverty, we got egos to worry about", "we're the end of the alphabet people, that's got to mean something, but we don't know what", and "the id, the ego and now the X".

It also calls its listeners "apathetic, despondent, trust-fund babies" and tells them pessimistic comments like "nothing that you'll ever do will ever mean anything, we're the only identity you've got" and "feel like you mean something".

The station's host, Sage, is a young woman and proud member of Generation X. She is an escaped mental patient who is very opinionated and constantly speaks her views in-between songs. She gets lost frequently in her random musings, displaying extremely pessimistic and narcissistic views. She constantly wants to have sex and hates the older generations so much that she wants to kill anyone over the age of 30. She isn't very popular, as callers criticize her photography exhibition as "full of weird and stupid photos where they lick coloring books". She constantly says she wants to die and threatens to set herself on fire when all the bridges in San Andreas are open, permitting the player access to all areas in the game. Sage celebrates the riots in the later stages of the game, believing they are part of her "end of the world revolution".


* - This song is missing from the re-released versions of the game.


GTA San Andreas - Radio X

GTA San Andreas - Radio X


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto V

  • This station appears to have been renamed to Channel X between the events of GTA San Andreas and GTA V, though Channel X plays punk and hardcore as opposed to the alternative rock and grunge of Radio X.
    • This is further proven by one of the Channel X stingers, which says "We've been Radio X for too long!", implying that the station was previously known as Radio X.

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