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*[ Dokken] - "Breaking the Chains" (1983)
*[ Dokken] - "Breaking the Chains" (1983)
*[ Autograph] - "All I'm Gonna Take" (1984)
*[ Autograph] - "All I'm Gonna Take" (1984)
*[ Accept] - "[ Balls to the Wall]" (1983)
*[ Accept] - "[ Balls to the Wall]" (1984)
*[ Scorpions] - "[ Rock You Like a Hurricane]" (1984)
*[ Scorpions] - "[ Rock You Like a Hurricane]" (1984)
*[ Krokus] - "Long Stick Goes Boom" (1982)
*[ Krokus] - "Long Stick Goes Boom" (1982)

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This is a list of the Radio Stations in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.

Almost all the radio stations from the previous equal Grand Theft Auto: Vice City reappears in GTA Vice City Stories' rendition, being the exception of "Fresh FM 105", "Paradise FM" and "VCFL", which were added. The Fever 105 radio station from GTA Vice City used to be Fresh 105 until it was bought by Biscuit, the Fever 105's DJ.

Radio stations

Flash FM


DJs: Teri and Toni

Genre: Pop, Synthpop, Rock



DJs: Cousin Ed and Lazlow

Genre: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal

Paradise FM

Paradise FM.png

DJ: None

Genre: Disco, Post-Disco, Soul Funk



Genre: Talk

  • Show: Bait and Switch Hosts: Larry Joe and Bobby Ray
  • The Time Ranger (VCPR Archive 1)
  • Show: New World Order Host: Dwayne Thorn
  • Moorhead Rides Again (VCPR Archive 2)
  • Show: Pressing Issues Host: Maurice Chavez



DJ: Tina Jane

Genre: Soul, Funk, Quiet Storm, R&B

Wave 103

The Wave.jpg

DJs: Trish Camden and Adam First

Genre: New Wave, Synthpop, Gothic Rock

Fresh FM


DJ: Luke

Genre: Oldschool Hip Hop/Rap, Electro

Radio Espantoso

DJ: Hector Hernandez

Genre: Latin Jazz, Salsa, Cuban Son, Cha-cha-chá

Emotion 98.3


DJ: Lionel Makepeace

Genre: Power Ballads, Soft Rock

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