All the radios in GTA San Andreas.

The soundtrack of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, which is set in 1992 in the West Coast state of San Andreas, is made up of in-game radio stations which play a variety of music from various genres. In addition to contemporary 1990s music, it also includes music from the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. For the first time in the game series, all the songs are licensed, the complete opposite of GTA 1.

Althought most vehicles in the game can tune in the radio, some, such as emergency vehicles, play a police radio track instead, and others, such as bicycles and tractors, are not equipped with radioes.

Instead of playing the radios using the mechanics of the previous games (that is, having a single file looped and thus playing the songs, commentary and commercials always in the same order), GTA San Andreas introduced a different mechanic of playing the radios: the game itself randomizes the playlist, DJ commentary during and between songs, and other aspects such as weather reports. Some stations, most notably WCTR, changes its programming as the game progresses, sometimes reflecting events within the game or subplots occurring within the radio programming. Even the police radio track changes towards the latter part of the game, when the riots occurs.

The radio stations that the player can listen to in GTA San Andreas are as follows:

In addition to the in-game radio stations, in the PC, Xbox and iOS platforms the players can play their own music on a custom radio station. The songs will be played on the "User Track Player" on the PC and Xbox versions and on the "Mixtape" on the iOS version.

An extensive 8-CD Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas: Official Soundtrack Box Set was released containing music from the game's radio stations, while a smaller 2-CD compilation set was also released.

On 26 October 2014, GTA San Andreas was re-released as a download for the Xbox 360 to celebrate the game's 10th anniversary. However, over the years the licenses for some of the songs expired, and thus some of the songs were excluded from the re-release.

Radio stations

The songs are listed in the same order as they appear in the game manual.
* - This song is missing from the re-released versions of the game.

Playback FM

Playback FM

Playback FM is hosted by Forth Right MC and plays classic east coast hip hop.



K-Rose is a classic country station, hosted by Mary-Beth Maybell, and broadcasting from Bone County.



K-DST ("The Dust") is a classic rock radio station, hosted by Tommy "The Nightmare" Smith, and broadcasting from Los Santos.

Bounce FM

Bounce FM

Bounce FM is hosted by The Funktipus and plays funk, disco, soul and R&B.



San Fierro Underground Radio (SF-UR) is a San Fierro-based house music station hosted by Hans Oberlander.

Radio Los Santos

Radio Los Santos

Radio Los Santos is hosted by Julio G, broadcasts from Los Santos, and plays contemporary west coast hip hop and gangsta rap.

Radio X


Radio X is hosted by Sage and plays alternative rock and grunge.

CSR 103.9


Contemporary Soul Radio 103.9 (CSR) is hosted by Phillip "PM" Michaels, broadcasts from San Fierro, and plays new jack swing, contemporary soul, pop and boy band music.

K-JAH West


K-JAH West is hosted by Marshall Peters & Johnny Lawton and plays reggae, dub and dancehall music.

Master Sounds 98.3


Master Sounds 98.3 is hosted by Johnny "The Love Giant" Parkinson and plays rare groove, classic funk and classic soul music.


West Coast Talk Radio

West Coast Talk Radio, abbreviated as WCTR, is a talk radio station broadcasting from Los Santos.

Various intros, outros and comments are delivered by Barbara Fox.

User Track Player/Mixtape


GTA San Andreas allows players to play their songs in the PC, Xbox and iOS ports of the game. This custom radio station is named "User Track Player" in the PC and Xbox ports, and "Mixtape" in the iOS port.

"User Track Player" only supports .ogg and .mp3 music formats (as well as shortcuts to those types of files). Contrary to previous custom stations in the series, "User Track Player" offers various options of playing the music files: in sequential order, on random, or within a rudimentary radio station that only plays commercials between music tracks. Players are also allowed to immediately skip to the next track if the station is not set as a radio station. Inserting custom music into "User Track Player" consists of placing music files in a "User Tracks" folder, located in its GTA "User Files" folders within My Documents. To ensure recently inserted tracks are sure to be played, GTA San Andreas requires the players "scan" the music folder using the audio options for new music tracks.


"Mixtape" requires the player to create an iTunes playlist on their iOS device named "GTASA", and add songs to that playlist. After that's been done, they must start up the game, be in any normal vehicle, and keep changing the radio station until they reach "Tape Deck", which is between "Radio Off" and WCTR.

Other songs

The following song wasn't included in the game, but as a bonus track in the 2-CD soundtrack compilation :


Commercials in GTA San Andreas are a gigantic expansion from the previous game, the huge amount of fictional products that are advertized in San Andreas dwarfes anything that Rockstar had made until that point. Running time for San Andreas commercials is just a couple of minutes shorter than that of GTA V (and with the added value of doing it 9 years ahead of its time). Due to the brand new randomizing mechanics of radios in San Andreas, any radio could play any commercials in any order. As San Andreas is set in an earlier era, the commercials follow the model set by the commercials of GTA Vice City and depicts the media trends, relevant topics and general atmosphere of the early '90s.

Some examples of commercials in GTA San Andreas are: "Grin" (a pill to help cure anxiety, depression, and the lack of confidence that comes with raising a family at the suburbs; consuming it is completely safe, "after all, what could be wrong about a pill that makes you feel better all of the time?"), "Starfish Resort and Casino" (referencing humorously the '90s obsession with "family friendly" casinos, this is a casino where kids can bet, gain money by making lapdances and selling their organs, "this kind of fun should be illegal!") and "Dreamakers" (referencing the arrival in the '90s of many immigrants from ex-communist countries, it offers a start of a career in Vinewood; women that "are only attractive but can hardly read or act will have to sleep their way to the top", and men that "are fat, boring, and have no ideas of their own [are] perfect, why not be movie producers!")

Non Selectable Radio Stations

There is one station that can be seen advertised on billboards throughout the state. However, it is not available for selection at any time during the game and has no songs or DJs associated with it Dopealicious FM. It is not clear whether the station was originally intended to be ‘real’ stations but dropped during the development of the game, or if was simply designed to sit alongside other fake brands advertised in the game.

Another possible non-selectable station is Hi K69, which is a radio transmitter building located in Fort Carson.


70 GTA San Andreas Radio Commercials

70 GTA San Andreas Radio Commercials

70 Radio Commercials in GTA San Andreas


  • The number of new songs in this soundtrack is 155.
  • The year with the most songs is 1992, with 18 songs.
  • All the songs in GTA San Andreas are licensed content, in what is the first time in the GTA series that such a case happens. It is effectively the complete opposite of what happened in GTA 1, where all the songs were original creations made specifically for the game.
  • Unlike the previous games in the series, which had soundtracks that leaned heavily towards a particular period, the soundtrack of GTA San Andreas is evenly distributed across various decades (and genres).
  • This is the first time in the series where a dynamic and randomised radio mechanic is used, with interchangeable songs, DJ commentary and commercials. Until then, radios in the GTA series were a single file that looped endlessly (and thus it always played the songs, chat and commercials in the same order). This kind of feature wouldn't return until GTA IV.
  • Some of the DJs will provide weather forecasts and warnings on air. However, they never mention the sandstorms in Tierra Robada/Bone County/Las Venturas area.
  • DJs also broadcast news when important plot points in the game occur.
  • The police radio track will change drastically when the player reaches the point of the game where the riots happens: screams, gunshots, alarms, crashes and a loud murmur can be heard over the police radio.
  • GTA creator Dan Houser can be heard in a commercial, he is the guy with the British accent that advertises his agency of children-spanking nannies.
  • Many songs in the game are sampled by other songs, both in this game and other games in the series.
  • The only song that is anachronistic given the 1992 setting is Mickey Gilley's "Make the World Go Away" (1999).
  • When staying idle for a long time, sometimes Carl may be heard singing or humming some songs that appear on the game's radio stations:
  • The only stations to retain their full tracklist following the re-release of the game areK-Rose, SF-UR and CSR 103.9.

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