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As in previous Grand Theft Auto games, radio stations play a big part in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City. When in a Taxi, the player can ask the driver to switch the station, often accompanied by the protagonist's views on the station.


In previous GTA games (with the exception of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas), radio stations were a single audio file, repeating after completing a loop. In GTA IV, most radio stations are dynamic but some still consist of a single audio file.

In GTA IV, the radio is dynamic; DJs and news programs inform Niko of the current weather and time of day. Weazel News updates itself as the storyline progresses, sometimes reporting news about Niko's actions.

Exiting a vehicle does not automatically switch the engine off, and the radio will still play while the engine is left idle. To fully switch the engine off, the player must hold the enter/exit button when exiting the vehicle. When getting phone calls, it will interfere with the radio signal, much like in real life.

In The Lost and Damned, the first episodic downloadable content for GTA IV, five of these radio stations were expanded, namely WKTT Talk Radio, The Beat 102.7, Liberty City Hardcore, Liberty Rock Radio and Radio Broker. The new music has been added to the song rotations of the stations, so that both the original music and the new tracks play concurrently. The new tracks are also included in the original GTA IV game.

The second DLC, The Ballad of Gay Tony, similarly updated five different stations: Vladivostok FM, K109 The Studio, Electro-Choc, San Juan Sounds, and Integrity 2.0. With both DLC packs installed, the player hears the combined radio content in all single-player and multiplayer modes.

The two episodes are available in a stand-alone format, Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City. The radio content included with The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony is combined with additional, exclusive music appearing on three new radio stations: RamJam FM, Self-Actualization FM, and Vice City FM. These replace several radio stations that did not carry over from GTA IV. However, if the player downloaded the episodes, the radio stations from GTA IV will still be available, as the three exclusive radio stations from The Ballad of Gay Tony episode are only automatically included if the player bought the special disc from the episodes.

In April 2018, 10 years after GTA IV's release, some songs were removed due to expired licences, while Vladivostok FM received a new soundtrack due to all but one of the original songs being removed.

From June 3, 2020 in the PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete Edition (two months after this version was released and combined IV and EFLC as one game) the three exclusive stations coexist with all existing IV stations.


There are a combined total of 23 radio stations in GTA IV and EFLC, with nine stations exclusive to GTA IV (marked with GTAIV-Logo-IV.png) and one custom station modified by the player.

Fusion-FM-Logo, IV.png
Liberty Rock Radio.png
Radio Broker.png
RamJam FM.png
San Juan Sounds.png
Self-Actualization FM.png
Tuff Gong.png

Note: Italicized songs with * indicate songs removed in April 2018.

The Beat 102.7


Hosted and remixed by DJ Green Lantern and DJ Mister Cee in GTA IV and then Funkmaster Flex and Statik Selektah in EFLC, the station plays Contemporary Hip-Hop and R&B. (Also replaces The Classics 104.1 in EFLC)


In TLaD and EFLC:

The Classics 104.1


Hosted and remixed by DJ Premier and plays Old-School Hip-Hop.



Hosted by François K in GTA IV and then the Crookers in TBoGT and EFLC, the station plays Electro House.


In TBoGT and EFLC:

  • Major Lazer (feat. Leftside & Supahype) - "Jump Up" (2009)
  • Daniel Haaksman (feat. MC Miltinho) - "Kid Conga" (2009)
  • Boy 8-Bit - "A City Under Siege" (2009)
  • Crookers (feat. Kardinal Offishall & Carla-Marie) - "Put Your Hands on Me (A Capella)" (2009)
  • The Chemical Brothers - "Nude Night" (2003)
  • Crookers (feat. Solo) - "Bad Men" (2009)
  • Miike Snow - "Animal (A Capella)" (2009)
  • Jahcoozi - "Watching You (Oliver $ Remix)" (2009)
  • Crookers (feat. Nic Sarno) - "Boxer" (2009)
  • SonicC - "Stickin" (2009)
  • Black Noise - "Knock You Out (Andy George Remix)" (2009)
  • Mixhell (feat. Jen Lasher & Oh Snap) - "Boom Da (Crookers Mix)" (2009)
  • Crookers (feat. Kelis) - "No Security" (2009)

Fusion FM

Fusion-FM-Logo, IV.png

Hosted by Roy Ayers and plays Jazz-Funk, Jazz-Fusion and Acid Jazz.

International Funk 99


Hosted by Femi Kuti and plays Funk and Afrobeat.

Independence FM


Hosted by Gary Sheen and is a User-Defined Track Player. (PC only)

Integrity 2.0


Talk radio station hosted by Lazlow Jones.

Jazz Nation Radio 108.5


Hosted by Roy Haynes and plays Classic Jazz.

The Journey


Hosted by a Fruit computer (using the "Vicki" voice from Apple's PlainTalk text-to-speech software) and plays Ambient and Chillout music.

K109 The Studio


Hosted by Karl Lagerfeld and plays Disco. (Also replaces IF99 in EFLC)


  • Electrik Funk - "On a Journey" (1982)
  • Don Ray - "Standing in the Rain" (1978)
  • Cerrone - "Supernature" (1977)
  • Peter Brown - "Burning Love Breakdown" (1977)
  • Tamiko Jones - "Can't Live Without Your Love" (1979)*
  • Gino Soccio - "Dancer" (1979)
  • Suzy Q - "Get On Up and Do It Again" (1981)
  • Rainbow Brown - "Till You Surrender" (1981)
  • Harry Thumann - "Underwater" (1979)
  • Skatt Brothers - "Walk the Night" (1980)

In TBoGT and EFLC:

Liberty City Hardcore


Hosted by Jimmy Gestapo in GTA IV playing Hardcore Punk and Crossover Thrash, and later by Max Cavalera in EFLC playing Extreme Metal.


In TLaD and EFLC:

Liberty Rock Radio

Liberty Rock Radio.png

Hosted by Iggy Pop and plays Classic Rock and Alternative Rock.


In TLaD and EFLC:

Massive B Soundsystem 96.9


Hosted by Bobby Konders and plays Contemporary Dancehall.

Public Liberty Radio


Liberal-leaning talk radio station that plays the following programs:

Radio Broker

Radio Broker.png

Hosted by Juliette Lewis and plays Contemporary Rock.


In TLaD and EFLC:

  • Blonde Acid Cult - "Shake It Loose" (2007)
  • Kill Memory Crash - "Hell on Wheels" (2008)
  • Magic Dirt - "Get Ready to Die" (2009)
  • Brazilian Girls - "Nouveau Americain" (2008)
  • Freeland - "Borderline" (2009)
  • Kreeps - "The Hunger (Blood in My Mouth)" (2009)
  • Japanther - "Radical Businessman" (2008)
  • Foxylane - "Command" (2009)
  • Monotonix - "Body Language" (2008)
  • Game Rebellion - "Dance Girl (GTA Mix)" (2009)
  • The Yelling - "Blood on the Steps" (2008)
  • The Jane Shermans - "I Walk Alone" (2008)

RamJam FM

RamJam FM.png

Hosted by David Rodigan and plays Reggae, Dub and Dancehall. (Also replaces Tuff Gong Radio and Massive B Soundsystem 96.9 in EFLC) - Exclusive radio station on the GTA EFLC disc and PC version of GTA IV The Complete Edition.

San Juan Sounds

San Juan Sounds.png

Hosted by Daddy Yankee in GTA IV and later Henry Santos Jeter in TBoGT and EFLC. The station plays Reggaeton, Latin Hip-Hop, Bachata, and Merengue.


In TBoGT and EFLC:

Self-Actualization FM

Self-Actualization FM.png

Hosted by Audrey and plays Ambient and Chillout music. (Also replaces The Journey, Jazz Nation Radio 108.5 and Fusion FM in EFLC) - Exclusive radio station on the GTA EFLC disc and PC version of GTA IV The Complete Edition.

Tuff Gong Radio

Tuff Gong.png

Hosted by Carl Bradshaw and plays Reggae and Dub.

  • Stephen Marley - "Chase Dem" (2005)
  • Bob Marley & The Wailers - "Concrete Jungle" (The Unreleased Original Jamaican Version) (1973)
  • Bob Marley & The Wailers - "Pimper's Paradise" (1980)
  • Bob Marley & The Wailers - "Rat Race" (1975)
  • Bob Marley & The Wailers - "Rebel Music (3 O'Clock Roadblock)" (1978)
  • Bob Marley & The Wailers - "Satisfy My Soul" (1978)
  • Bob Marley & The Wailers - "So Much Trouble in the World" (1979)
  • Bob Marley & The Wailers and Damian Marley - "Stand Up Jamrock" (2005)
  • Bob Marley & The Wailers - "Wake Up & Live (Parts 1 & 2)" (1979)

The Vibe 98.8


Hosted by Vaughn Harper and plays Soul and R&B.

Vice City FM


Hosted by Fernando Martinez and plays 1980s Pop Music. (Also replaces The Vibe 98.8 in EFLC) - Exclusive radio station on the GTA EFLC disc and PC version of GTA IV The Complete Edition.

Vladivostok FM


Hosted by Ruslana in GTA IV and later replaced by DJ Paul in TBoGT and EFLC. The station plays Eastern European music of all genres.


  • Ruslana - "Wild Dances" Ukrainian FM Version (2004)*
  • Kino - "Группа крови" [Gruppa Krovi / Blood Group] (1988)*
  • Marakesh - "Ждать" [Zhdat / To Wait] (2006)*
  • Zveri - "Квартира" [Kvartira / The Flat] (2006)*
  • Seryoga - "King Ring" (2005)*
  • Seryoga - "Liberty City: The Invasion" [Вторжение] (2008)
  • Splean - "Линия жизни" [Liniya Zhizni / Lifeline] (2000)*
  • Basta - "Мама" [Mama / Mother] (2006)*
  • Leningrad - "Никого не жалко" [Nikogo ne Zhalko / A Pity for No One] (2002)*
  • Ranetki Girls - "О тебе" [O Tebe / About You] (2006)*
  • Dolphin - "РЭП" [Rap] (2008)*
  • Glukoza - "Швайне" [Schweine / Pigs in German] (2005)*
  • Oleg Kvasha - "Зеленоглазое такси" Club Remix [Zelenoglazoe Taksi / Green Eyed Taxi] (2007)*

Added to GTA IV after April 2018:

  • Aleksey Bolshoy - "Я ненавижу караоке" [Ya Nenavizhu Karaoke / I Hate Karaoke] (2016)
  • Seryoga - Mon Ami (ft. Maks Lorens) (2008)
  • Seryoga - "Добавь скорость" [Dobav' Skorost / Add Speed] (2008)
  • Seryoga - "Чики" [Chiki / Girl in Spanish] (2008)
  • Delice - "Горячее Лето" [Goryachee Leto / Hot Summer] (2010)
  • Zhenya Fokin -"Ночью" [Noch'yu / Tonight] (2008)
  • Kievelektro - "Гуляй, Славяне!" [Gulyay, Slavyane! / Stroll, Slavs!] (ft. Alena Vinnitskaya) (2011)
  • Riffmaster - "Бегу" [Begu / Run] (Rancho Song) (2007)
  • Riffmaster - Riffmaster Tony (2007)
  • Ayvengo - Underground (2007)
  • Ayvengo - "Репрезенты" [Reprezenty] (2007)

In TBoGT and EFLC:

WKTT Radio


Conservative-leaning talk radio that plays the following programs:

Other Songs

The following is a list of songs that are found in the game, but cannot be heard fully on any in-game radio stations, as credited in the game manual. Instead, other than the song played during the title sequence, they can be heard exclusively while walking through the interiors of different buildings in the game. One song being heard in a cutscene for the mission, Buyer's Market from TLaD, is dancing Elizabeta Torres. Some of the songs were cut from the radio stations for unknown reasons. In EFLC, the strip club songs are replaced by tracks from Vice City FM. And there are four songs that can be only heard in stingers of radio stations.

  • Don Omar - "Dale Don Dale" (2003) (can be heard during the Buyer's Market cutscene)
  • Rick James - "Come Into My Life" (1979) (can be heard in strip clubs during private dances)
  • Goldfrapp - "Ooh La La" (2005) (can be heard in strip clubs during private dances)
  • Mystikal feat. Pharrell Williams - "Shake Ya Ass" (2000) (can be heard in strip clubs during private dances)
  • Rick Ross - "Hustlin'" (2006) (can be repeatedly heard during one of Katt Williams' stand-up routines at Split Sides)
  • Niall Toner - "A Real Real" (2008) (can be heard in bars during darts)
  • Killian's Angels - "Celtic High Step" (2008) (can be heard in bars during darts)
  • Pietro Locatelli - "Concerto grosso op. 1 №2 in C minor - Largo" (1721 or before) (can be heard in Stubbs's Gentleman's club during his mission cutscenes and if the player teleport into the interior via trainer)
  • Murderdolls - "Dead in Hollywood" (2002) (can be briefly heard in one of the Liberty Rock Radio stingers)
  • Type O Negative - "I Don't Wanna Be Me" (2003) (can be briefly heard in one of the Liberty Rock Radio stingers)
  • Korn - No Way (1999) (can be briefly heard in one of the Liberty Rock Radio stingers)
  • Bob Marley & The Wailers - Exodus (1977) (can be briefly heard in one of the Tuff Gong Radio stingers)
  • Michael Jackson - "Another Part of Me" (1988) (can be briefly heard in one of the Vice City FM's stingers)

Most of the ringtones found on the game's ringtone download website are from previous Grand Theft Auto games, mainly from Head Radio and Lips 106 in Grand Theft Auto III and Liberty City Stories, and "Pager" is the tone of the pager in Grand Theft Auto III (which is, in turn, the melody of the theme for the original Grand Theft Auto, which also appeared on radio station Lips 106 in Grand Theft Auto III) and the opening tune on Grand Theft Auto: Vice City when it displays the Rockstar North logo, in the form of a Commodore 64 loading screen. All of these songs are from fictional bands made by Rockstar Games.

Soundtrack Releases

Rockstar Games has released five soundtrack albums to date. The Music of Grand Theft Auto IV contains several soundtrack selections from the game. Vladivostok FM features tracks from the in-game radio station featuring three (or four, depending on the release) cut songs. Liberty City Invasion features original music produced for the game by DJ Green Lantern, half of them appears on 102.7 The Beat in the game, but the others were cut. There is also an exclusive DJ intro from DJ Green Lantern (like the way in Vice City's Official Soundtrack Box Set).

Similarly, Statik Selektah's The Lost and Damned EP features original music produced by Statik Selektah that features in the downloadable episode without any cut tracks. The original themes for all three games are available in Grand Theft Auto IV — The Theme Song Collection. A soundtrack album for the first expansion, The Music of Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and Damned was announced with artwork and Drive By Audio – "Jailbait" was released on the iTunes Store as a single from the album. However, a full track listing was not announced, the album was not released, and the announcement was subsequently removed.

Here is a list of songs that are not in the game's radio stations, but were released on the soundtrack albums:

Vladivostok FM:

  • Max Lorens – "Схожу с ума" (Shozhu s uma / Going Crazy) (2008)
  • T9 - "Ода Любви" (Oda Lyubvi / Ode To Love) (2007) (Found only in the original US release as well as the digital releases)
  • Quest Pistols – "Мама" (Mama / Mother) (2007)
  • Dyshi – "Взгляни на небо" (Vzglyani na nebo / Look on the Sky) (2006)

Liberty City Invasion by DJ Green Lantern (The Beat 102.7):

  • Uncle Murda ft. Wyclef - "Informer" (2008)
  • Joell Ortiz & Dante Hawkins - "Alone" (2008)
  • Jim Jones ft. Juelz Santana - "Bustin' Shots" (2008)
  • Dj Green Lantern ft. Akon, Fabolous & Fat Joe - "Im So Fly" (2008) (last minute cut; it can be found a reference to this song in the game files)
  • Clipse ft. Re-Up - "9MM" (2008)
  • 38 Special ft. Fever & Dwayne - "Streets Raised Me" (2008)
  • Heltah Skeltah - "Can't Trust 'Em" (2009) (last minute cut; it can be found a reference to this song in the game)
  • Immortal Technique - "Parole" (2008)

The album and all the songs are released in 2009, but 7 of the 8 songs were meant to be in the original game, so they are made in 2008. Heltah Skeltah's "Can't Trust 'Em" was meant to be in The Lost and Damned, so this is the only real 2009 song here.

The Lost And Damned EP (Special Edition) (The Beat 102.7):

  • Torae, Jon Hope & Sha Stimuli - Destined to Shine (Obama Remix) (2008)
  • Kali, Glasses Malone & Termanology - Rollin' Down the Freeway (2009)


Several advertisements can be heard on the radio. These include:

From the people who brought you the Domestobot, we proudly present El Chamuco Roboto! It's the robotic future... from south of the border! 'Politicians may demand illegal aliens leave the country, but I want a Mexican gardener I can ogle!' El Chamuco Roboto! You little devil. He can mow the lawn, if you know what I mean! Comes with six different attachments!
— El Chamuco Roboto ad
Are you ready to live the real estate dream? Whether you're new on the market or an old hack, we'll take your dream to the limits of prestige, in a spacious loft or an outstanding penthouse! It's a 500-square ft glass coated box in the sky, with windows that won't open and a doorman that masturbates in your bed while you're at work! Only three million dollars, only three blocks from the ghetto!
— ?
You can begin living a life of luxury. Why worry about health, your weight, or what people think of you? Now, you're faster! Motorized scooters are the future of the American lifestyle - carefree! Take the wait off!
— Motorized Scooter ad
Now these middle-aged twin transsexuals are photographing themselves re-enacting famous atrocities from history dressed as gorillas! Once you see Hitler portrayed as a gorilla, it’ll explain the war in a way you never imagined. It is truly shocking!
— ?
Sometimes the family wants that Italian taste without those tiny Italian portions, that’s why you should come to Al Dentes - all the mama-mia you can eat! It’s Italian food like you’ll never get in Italy. That’s because it’s an American theme restaurant! So the portions are huge, and the food tasteless and unhealthy. We’ve got a special linguine with Cheesy Poof sauce!
— Al Dentes ad
‘Hey, when you’re at Al Dentes everyone’s like family! A hyper, macho, food-obsessed, alcoholic family just like min!’ Al Dentes - we’ve got more of what you love and less of what you don’t. Like more calories and fat, and a lot less taste and nutrients! That’s why it’s Al Dentes! All the mama mia you can eat!
— Al Dentes ad

Vehicle Default Groups

In GTA IV and Episodes From Liberty City, radio stations were split into small groups to become default radio stations for the vehicles. These groups are listed below:

  • Disco/Funk
    • K109 The Studio
    • IF99 (GTA IV)
  • Eastern European
    • Vladivostok FM
  • Hip-Hop
    • The Beat 102.7
    • The Classics (GTA IV)
  • Electronic
    • Electro-Choc
  • Alternative Rock
    • Radio Broker
  • Hardcore Punk/Extreme Metal
    • Liberty City Hardcore
  • Jazz
    • Jazz Nation Radio 108.5
    • Fusion FM (merged with the "ambient music" group in EFLC)
  • Ambient/Chillout
    • The Journey (GTA IV)
    • Self-Actualization FM (EFLC)
  • Classic Rock
    • Liberty Rock Radio
  • Reggae
    • Tuff Gong Radio (GTA IV)
    • Massive B Soundsystem (GTA IV)
    • RamJam FM (EFLC)
  • Latin Music
    • San Juan Sounds
  • R&B/Soul/1980's Pop
    • The Vibe 98.8 (GTA IV)
    • Vice City FM (EFLC)
  • Talk Radio Stations
    • WKTT Talk Radio
    • Integrity 2.0
    • Public Liberty Radio (GTA IV)


Several stations feature on billboards throughout the city.

Others feature on posters in East Holland, with more added around Star Junction exclusively in The Ballad of Gay Tony.


  • During the mission That Special Someone, Niko Bellic switches the radio off because he doesn't want to listen to the "annoying ads and DJs" following his confrontation with Darko Brevic.
  • Many of the songs featured in EFLC were released in 2009. This anachronism may imply that the timeline for the storyline, or at least the episodes, runs from late 2008 into early 2009.
  • If the player is in a vehicle and it is close to another vehicle, a glitch may occur whereby the radio station playing in the player's vehicle may be "channelled" or transferred to the next vehicle that has a different default group.
  • When starting a mission in GTA IV, often times the radio will restart the cycle from the very first song for that station.

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