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Race And Chase is a trilogy of arcade racing games developed by AKEDO. The games are available for up to two players in the Arcade in Grand Theft Auto Online.


The game series consists of three games; Street Legal, Get Truckin', and Crotch Rockets, each of which plays identically to each other with minor differences. The biggest difference between them is the mode of transport, in Street Legal the player is given a classic sports car, in Get Truckin' the player is given an old pickup truck, and in Crotch Rockets the player is given a motorbike. Due to vehicle choices, Get Truckin' drives slower than Street Legal, while Crotch Rockets has a smaller hitbox while driving.

Each of the games have obstacles in the way, which may vary from other cars and vehicles, pedestrians and jaywalkers, and mythical creatures. The games are set on a time limit, and the player must clear the check points along the way to reset the timer, otherwise the timer will run out and will result in a game over.

The game also goes from location to location as the game progresses, going to cities like; Los Santos, Liberty City, Las Venturas, San Fierro, and Vice City.

Street Legal

Race And Chase: Street Legal is one of the games in the trilogy, in this game the player can drive a pink Turismo Classic and a yellow Torero. The game appears to be based on the popular racing game; Out Run.

Get Truckin'

Race And Chase: Get Truckin' is another game in the trilogy, in this game the player can drive a red Bodhi and a blue Merryweather Mesa.

Crotch Rockets

Race And Chase: Crotch Rockets is another game in the trilogy, in this game the player can drive a red and green Bati 801RR. The game appears to be based on the classic motorcycle game; Hang-On.



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