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The concept of the game itself.

Race'n'Chase was the original concept of what would become the first installment in the Grand Theft Auto series. It was developed by DMA Design, set for release on the PlayStation, Windows 95, DOS, Sega Saturn and Nintendo 64.


The game consisted of an open world where the player would either take the role of a cop or a criminal in multiple game modes that, hence the title of the game, ranged from races to police chases.

Similar to the first two Grand Theft Auto games, (and London 1969 & 1961) it was developed to be from a top-down perspective and would've been set in multiple cities the player could play in. The game went through many changes before release and the project ended up evolving into the first Grand Theft Auto, which was released in 1997.



  • In GTA Online: The Diamond Casino Heist, there is a arcade game franchise called Race and Chase, which is a clear reference to the original Grand Theft Auto concept. The logo of the arcade game bears a strong resemblance to the original Grand Theft Auto logo.