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R L Hunter & Sons is a business in Grapeseed in Grand Theft Auto V.


The business is located on Seaview Road at the western end of the McKenzie Field airstrip. It consists of a large factory or warehouse building, with the business name on the roof, an open barn and a house. Various agricultural equipment and empty pallets can be found in the barn and around the yard.

The main building has an ad for Citrus Fruit Company brand oranges on its south facing doors so the business may pack and store fruit from the surrounding orchards in Grapeseed.

Events of GTA V

The site is normally occupied by The Lost MC, and may possibly be one of their fronts. It is where Trevor Philips confronts members of the gang immediately after killing Johnny Klebitz. Trevor gives chase to Terry Thorpe and Clay Simons and kills them before they can reach Stab City. Two or three bikers can usually be found here throughout the game.

Mission Appearances


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