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RUNE (Russian: РУНА) is a Russian/Soviet automobile manufacturer in the HD Universe, introduced in the continuation of the Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series update.


RUNE appears to be based on LADA. So far, only one of the company's vehicles has featured in the series.


Image Vehicle Style Based on (HD Universe) Notes

The Cheburek in Grand Theft Auto Online.
Cheburek Classic Sedan VAZ-2103/LADA 1200 Added in the Southern San Andreas Super Sport Series update for Grand Theft Auto Online.


  • The logo of RUNE resembles the carved hull of a Norse longship; this is a reference to LADA’s logo.
  • The name Rune may refer to a Germanic alphabet used in central and northern Europe in the 2nd century. This is probably a reference to the fact that the first Russian state was formed by Vikings.


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