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"A multinational oil company, and the people to thank for the scorching hot summers we have everywhere now."
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RON (BAWSAQ: RON) is a multinational petroleum company featured in Grand Theft Auto IVGrand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars and Grand Theft Auto V. The player can buy stocks of the company at the website in GTA V.


RON fueling stations can be found throughout both urban cities and rural counties in the games and has its corporate headquarters located in Alderney City.

RON is most prominent in both games in the form of its numerous gas stations all over Liberty City and Los Santos. In GTA IV, RON storage tanks can also be found in Francis International Airport and Acter Industrial Park. RON presumably bases its Liberty City operations at the RON Building in Alderney City, Alderney, and also operates a refinery at the Acter Industrial Park, also in Alderney. In GTA V, the company operates a large wind farm in Los Santos, San Andreas, named the RON Alternates Wind Farm, which consists of a large array of wind turbines.


RON appears to be an ambiguous and vague petrol company taking influence from several different real life petrol companies.

Its name is likely a reference to the term Research Octane Number (RON), which measures the amount of octane in petrol. It may also be a reference to the ENRON energy company.

The company motto, "Put RON in your tank." is a play on an old Esso slogan, "Put a tiger in your tank!".

The company appears to be a common target from environmental protesters who claim RON pollutes beaches by defacing their billboards and making graffiti mocking RON's name and logo. This is very similar to Shell and BP, both of which are accused of causing pollution and climate change by environmental activists.

RON's corporate livery, logo, and gas station designs are similar to those of Shell, with a similar warm color scheme choice of orange and yellow. RON's logo is also very similar to that of Mobil 1, where the square logo has the company name on the top or side of it.

The orange on RON's logo could be influenced by Gulf Oil; A livery sponsored by RON available for the Retinue is based around Gulf. The RON livery for Sentinel Classic is based on the Fina BMW M3 E30 which is sponsored by Fina Oil.

The RON Alternates Wind Farm which is operated by RON is based on the oil refinery and storage facility at the San Gorgonio Pass Wind Farm, owned by ExxonMobil and Southern California Edison since 1997.


Grand Theft Auto IV

RON have seven filling stations, six within Liberty City and another one in Alderney.

They also have several refineries and offices across Alderney:

Grand Theft Auto V

RON have eight filling stations, five within Los Santos, one in Los Santos County and another two in Blaine County.

RON also operate a large wind farm, the RON Alternates Wind Farm, north of the Tataviam Mountains.


Grand Theft Auto IV

Grand Theft Auto V


  • RON stands for "Research Octane Number".[citation/verification needed]. Most European and Asian countries' gasoline octane ratings are determined by RON (eg. the United Kingdom uses RON), rather than the alternate AKI (Anti-Knock Index, used in North America).
  • The slogan "Until The Last Drop", is a possible reference to the depleting fossil fuel reserves.
  • The vintage RON tagline; "Don't Pump And Run" is a sexual reference, this being another example of Rockstar's crude humour.
  • RON's logo uses the Sackers Gothic typeface or Saa Series F D typeface.

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