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This article (or section) refers to content in the Enhanced version for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC release of Grand Theft Auto Online that may be absent from other versions.
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Imagine controlling a race car with just your thumbs and forefingers. Sound absurd? That’s because it is. But don’t let that stop you from grabbing the remote of a RC Bandito and smashing each other’s records all to pieces in new RC Time Trials.
— Rockstar Newswire

RC Time Trials are a Freemode Event featured in Grand Theft Auto Online. They were introduced as part of the continuation of the The Diamond Casino & Resort update, released on August 15, 2019, during the Emerus Week event.


RC Time Trials are relatively short technical courses. They are locked to the RC Bandito and the goal is to beat a par time, rewarding the player with money and reputation. A purple corona will highlight the starting point, which can be seen on the map as a purple RC Bandito controler.

Once the player starts the trial, the screen will fade to black, after which they will assume control of an RC Bandito. A 3-second countdown begins and then the race starts. Unlike standard Time Trials, the player must follow checkpoints, similar to land races.

The race is live and one-man only, meaning that other players can see the player racing in the freemode session. To avoid interruptions by others, the player is switched to passive mode.

If the player took a wrong turn or has gone over the par time, they can hold F (PC), Y (Xbox One), or Triangle (PlayStation 4) to quit the race. The player will then be placed near the purple corona and have the option to start the race again.

RC Time Trials are unique and change every week (real-time). Once the player has beaten the par time, the time trial becomes unavailable and reappears after a while. Any further successful attempt on beating the par time will only give the consolation money ($1,000-$4,000).

There are a total of ten time trials. By October 24, 2019, all of them had been released, and the list started from the beginning and continued in the same order.


No. Time Trial Location Par Time Description
Construction Site I
Little Seoul construction site.
Ever wonder why large-scale construction projects take so long? It's obvious when you think about it: they make such damn good RC tracks...
Cypress Flats
Cypress Flats.
Sociologists have concluded that one of the few ways to make the back alleys around Cypress Flats even less safe would be the presence of high-speed, knee-high RC cars...
Hill Valley Church cemetery, Pacific Bluffs.
Don't worry. It's almost certainly what they would have wanted...
La Fuente Blanca
La Fuente Blanca, Vinewood Hills.
How do you piss off a cartel lord without putting yourself in line to be decapitated? Step one, grab an RC car...
Little Seoul Park
Decker Park, Little Seoul.
Bonus points available if you manage to knock someone off the half pipe.
Davis Quartz
Davis Quartz.
This is one of the few ways to enjoy a race through Davis Quartz while also avoiding preventable lung disease...
Vespucci Beach
Vespucci Beach.
Time to take your long-awaited revenge and kick up sand in the face of all the good-looking, socially competent beachgoers...
Construction Site II
Mile High Club construction site, Pillbox Hill.
Sure, if this is your day job, the unsecured scaffolding and lack of guardrails are hazards. But you're driving an RC car at high speed. And that makes them features...
Vespucci Canals
Vespucci Canals.
If there's anything that complements the urbanity of a studio apartment overlooking the canals, it's an RC right through your front window...
Power Station
Palmer-Taylor Power Station.
Yet another unintended benefit of the fossil fuel economy: really tricky RC tracks.



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