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Not to be confused with RC Bandito Races, a race type in Grand Theft Auto Online.

RC Bandit Race is a side mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


The side mission is started when entering a Top Fun, on the south side of the Vice Point Sand Track, Vice Point. The objective of the mission is to complete two laps around the track using the RC Bandit competing against three other RC Bandits, and to come in first place. The mission can be ended early by self-destructing the RC Bandit. The rewards for completing this is $100 and a step closer to 100%.


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  • Sometimes a glitch may occur where the Top Fun van won't appear, most notably when playing on the PS2. If this occurs, one of the other Top Fun vans should be located and driven to the track. The spot to activate the Bandit Race is in front of the Jocksport advertisement board on the opposite side of the track.