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"Ah, the sights of north Los Santos. The majesty of the Galileo observatory, the luxury of the Vinewood Hills, the splatter of collateral damage as hordes of tiny weapons-grade cars enter a collective death spiral just before the finish line. Point to point race for the RC Bandito."
―Race description.

All Downhill From Here is an RC Bandito Race featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the continuation of the Arena War update, released on January 29, 2019, during the RC Bandito Week event. It is available for up to 16 players.


The race is a 65 checkpoint long Point-to-point race. Between checkpoints 44-46, 51-53, 53-57, and 58-61, players can take one of two different routes.

It starts at the Galileo Observatory in Vinewood Hills. The players start by racing down the road and turning left onto West Galileo Avenue at checkpoint 5, on which they continue until checkpoint 9, where they turn left and continue down Mount Vinewood Drive and then down North Sheldon Avenue.

At checkpoint 19, they turn left onto Hillcrest Avenue, on which they continue until turning right onto Normandy Drive at checkpoint 27. Shortly after, they turn right onto Milton Road and continue until checkpoint 33, where they turn left and continue down Cox Way, shortly before turning right at the next checkpoint, onto Didion Drive.

At checkpoint 43, they turn right onto Las Lagunas Boulevard and then right onto Eclipse Boulevard - one secondary checkpoint is placed here as the road is wide. At checkpoint 47, they turn left onto North Archer Avenue, on which they continue until turning left onto Spanish Avenue. Shortly after, at checkpoint 51, they turn left, back onto Las Lagunas Avenue - another secondary checkpoint is placed here to insure the players don't miss it, as the road is wide and as there are trees and tyre props in the middle.

At checkpoint 53, they turn right onto Hawick Avenue - another set of three secondary checkpoints are placed here. At checkpoint 58, they turn left onto Eastbourne Way, before turning left and passing the Los Santos Customs located here. There are secondary checkpoints placed here, so the players can choose to either race through the car park or down the alley located next to it.

At checkpoint 61, they turn right onto Carcer Way, before turning onto Abe Milton Parkway at the next checkpoint. At checkpoint 64, they turn left onto Eastbourne Way and continue to the finish line.




GTA Online All new RC Races Arena War Update

All Downhill From Here starts at 6:56.


All Downhill From Here
  • Gold blip indicates checkpoint.
  • Purple blip indicates prop.
  • Orange track indicates secondary track.


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