The Quarry Missions

The Quarry Missions are a series of Asset Missions in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The Quarry missions involve a series of seven missions in which Carl Johnson is tasked to work for the Hunter Quarry in Bone County. The missions can be triggered by walking onto the red marker at the eastern entrance of the quarry. Each mission involves Carl using Quarry machinery to complete jobs around the Quarry and beyond. Once a mission is successfully completed, the next one can be triggered by walking onto the red marker again (should the player fail a mission, it can be restarted at any time by going back to the red marker). Each mission completed rewards the player with money.

Once all seven missions have been completed, the Quarry will generate a revenue of up to $2,000, and the Dozer and Dumper will always spawn in the Quarry. The player can replay the Quarry missions at any time.

Completing all seven missions is required for 100% Completion.


Mission 1

"Use the bulldozer to clear the paths before the next delivery arrives."

Carl is given a Dozer and has 6 minutes to push all the rocks to designated locations to make way for the next delivery. He is able to keep the Dozer for his own after and there's no delivery after all.

Reward: $500

Mission 2

"Bombs have been planted by a rival organization. Use the bulldozer to push the bombs to safe area markers."

Similar to the previous one, but there are less bomb barrels than rocks and a shorter time limit.

Reward: $1,000

Mission 3

"The bombers are escaping in a dumper. Use this dumper to destroy it before they reach their destination."

Carl is given another Dumper and is required to use it to hunt down the bombers within 2 minutes. Doing a drive-by will suffice and quickly eliminates the rival vehicle.

Reward: $2,000

Mission 4

"The bombers have been caught. Their bodies are loaded on a dumper at the quarry's other entrance. Dump them before the cops come snooping."

With a time limit of 4 minutes or so, the truck must be driven carefully. Accidentally using the tipper or bumping into anything dislodges the bodies. They must be dumped into a fire that the game has pre-set for Carl.

Reward: $3,000

Mission 5

"The dumper is loaded with explosives and needs to be driven gently. Deliver the explosives to the desert airstrip."

There is a time limit for about 2 minutes and if the barrels drop off before arriving, they blow up the truck and Carl.

Reward: $5,000

Mission 6

"A dumper has spilled its load of explosives along the train tracks. Use the bulldozer to clear them before the next train passes."

Reward: $7,500

Mission 7

"A cop has been killed. Use the bulldozer in the quarry to get rid of the body before more cops come snooping."

Reward: $10,000


  • During the seventh mission, if the player is driving fast and reaches the river early, the message warning the player not to dump the Dumper in the river may not appear whilst the Dumper is on land. However, if the Dumper is dumped into the river, the mission will fail.
  • During the fifth mission, when the player completes the mission, there is a chance that they might receive a huge insane stunt jump bonus, likely a lot larger than their current (legitimate) record in their stats menu. This can be subverted by raising the truck's bed upward to allow the barrels to re-shift position prior to driving away from the quarry. This must be done extremely carefully such that the barrels do not slide off. The barrels must settle in place. This may take several attempts on the drive between the quarry and the airstrip in order to remove the glitch. 



GTA San Andreas - Quarry Missions


  • During the sixth mission, once the railway line has been cleared, the train will pass extremely quickly, at a much higher speed than in regular gameplay.
  • None of these mission can be started if player has any wanted level.
  • The bodies encountered in the fourth and seventh missions appear to be of Los Santos Police officers.
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