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Carl Johnson: Hey man, where you been?
Cesar Vialpando: I tracked one of the cars on our shopping list, but the crazy bitch, she drives like the devil. I've been following her for hours but she stops for nothing! You'd have to ram her off the road in order to get a chance to get her car and you know a wrecked car is no good for us. I swear she is playing with me!
Carl: Dude, calm down! If she is playing with you, then she probably won't get one-time involved until it turns ugly. We gotta find a way to stop or slow her down
Cesar: Too bad we can't involve the police, 'cuz then they could pop her crazy bitch tires and bang her crazy bitch ass in jail for being a danger to my sanity.
Carl: You know what, I think I've got an idea...