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Puerto Del Sol is an affluent oceanside neighborhood appearing in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.


Located in Vespucci, Los Santos. Puerto Del Sol is bordered by Vespucci Canals to the west, Little Seoul to the north, and La Puerta to the east. It is home to several luxurious yachts, boats, and dinghies. On one side of Puerto Del Sol, there is a Higgins Helitours helipad, while on the other side, there are several hotels and the Puerto Del Sol Yacht Club.

Puerto Del Sol is rich and affluent location, being right next to the wealthy neighbourhood of the Vespucci Canals. Exclusive groups like the Puerto Del Sol Yacht Club are reserved for only the high class. Puerto Del Sol is always a crowded place in the daytime and many watercraft are floating along the waters of the port.

There are three different docks located in Puerto Del Sol. All of them have yachts or boats parked next to them. The first dock is on the western side, where there are mostly hotels and telephone booths. The second dock is located at the northern side, and is the location of the Puerto Del Sol Yacht Club. The third dock is on the eastern side, and is owned by Higgins Helitours. There is a large heliport with four different helipads that can occasionally be seen with helicopters parked or taking off.


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Puerto Del Sol and its name are based on Marina del Rey in Los Angeles.



  • Puerto del sol means port of the sun in Spanish.