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Public Liberty Radio (PLR) is a talk radio station featured in Grand Theft Auto IV.


PLR appears to be based on National Public Radio.

The station does not appear in Episodes from Liberty City although in Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete Edition, it, along with all other GTA IV exclusive radio stations, appears in The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony.


The Séance

  • Host: Beatrix Fontaine (Ilyana Kadushin)
    • Topics: A call-in talk show focused on New Age spiritualism. During the show, Beatrix, a phony psychic, provides callers with ridiculous advice, and constantly asks for their money.


  • Host: Ryan McFallon (Bryan Tucker)
    • Topics: A talk show focused on health care. Host Ryan McFallon interviews a panel of three guests:
      • Sheila Stafford (portrayed by Rachel Allen), public relations director for Betta Pharmaceuticals who constantly promotes her corporation's latest prescriptions at high costs. She apparently allowed a woman to die from a heart attack because she feared the woman had no insurance and would sue. She suffers from chronic back pain due to her large breasts, but instead of getting reductive surgery she prefers to take painkillers, since it's "easier". She says the same about why she doesn't get therapy for her depression. She appears to serve as a personification of the United States opioid crisis.
      • Wilson Taylor Sr. (portrayed by Bill Hader), the CEO for the largest HMO in the nation (Co-Pay Health System) who strongly promotes privatized and expensive healthcare, despite the recession, and is more interested in turning over a maximum profit than the actual well-being of his customers. Despite expecting people to pay up to $10,000 for healthcare coverage, he is more than happy to deny the claims, and even let a young girl die of liver failure because "she was too risky". He is pathologically afraid of getting sick and despises sick people, considering them leeches, and thinks people should just "avoid getting sick". His arguments can generally be summed up in one quote: "Just because you have insurance, why use it? Why should we pay just because we said we would? Why should you matter anyway?"
      • Waylon Mason (portrayed by Rick Shapiro), an author and advocate of holistic and homeopathic medicine with violent tendencies, whose mother died at childbirth. Raised by a survivalist father and a stepmother who was neglectful and distant when he was a child, Mason frequently offers home-based and archaic solutions to medical issues, like personally inspecting faeces or drinking cocktails made from "a few household items found under the sink", and is hostile towards modern medicine. The show ends with Mason forcefully drilling holes in the two other guests' heads.

Intelligent Agenda

  • Host: Mike Riley (Brian Sack)
    • Topics: A left-wing call-in talk show. Host Mike Riley interviews a panel of three guests:
      • Brandon Roberts, a Vinewood actor who associates himself with left-wing causes only to enhance his own image.
      • John Hunter, a candidate for state governor, who embraces certain extreme right and extreme left political ideals.
      • Zachary Tyler, a child prodigy who was brought onto the show as an example of liberal parenting, but is in fact an elitist.
    • The show ends with Hunter spanking Tyler after the latter suggests euthanasia to combat the hunger crisis.


  • If Niko Bellic is in a taxi and asks the driver to switch to this station, he will refer to it as "the liberal station".

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