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In Grand Theft Auto: London 1969 and Grand Theft Auto: London 1961, the protagonist is a character chosen by the player to follow the game's story. Whatever the choice, it will not change the game's plot.


Like Grand Theft Auto, players are given the option of choosing one of out eight protagonists in both Grand Theft Auto: London, 1969 and Grand Theft Auto: London, 1961, each having their own default full name (which the player can change), but otherwise have very little difference in gameplay aside varying colours of clothing (aside the bell-bottom pants they wear in GTA London 1969, which distinguish them from the GTA and GTA London 1961 renditions).

Unlike GTA and GTA 2's protagonists and GTA London's in-game depiction of other characters, the protagonists are depicted with hand-drawn, stylised art direction appropriate for the 1960s setting the game is set in, and appearing solely as Caucasian men in 1960s fashion and hairstyles (although Winston Henry appears possibly mixed). The appearance of certain characters are also based on various real-life celebrities as they appeared around the time.

List of protagonists

Grand Theft Auto series protagonists by Universe
2D Universe
3D Universe
HD Universe
Default name Image Notes
Maurice Caine
His name and appearance are based on famous British actor Michael Caine, notable for his performance in the 1971 crime film Get Carter (in which the Houser brothers' mother starred). Maurice is Michael Caine's real first name.
Mick Casey
Casey is depicted as a brawny and rough thug, in contrast to most other protagonists who display some degree of fashion sense and generally appear less oversized.
Johnny Hawtorn
The character bears resemblance to Johnny Cash, but with Elvis sideburns and the demeanour of James Dean.
Winston Henry
Henry's attire is an apparent nod to both the beatnik subculture as well as the newer mod subculture, donning a trilby as well as featuring a turtleneck and sideburns.
Charles Jones
Jones' long-haired and thick-bearded appearance appears to be inspired by the hippie sub-culture. While his forename and appearance are inspired by Charles Manson (leader of the Manson Family cult), his surname is likely a reference to Jim Jones (leader of the People's Temple cult).
Rodney Morash
Seemingly inspired by the Mod sub-culture, Morash is by far one the more frequently featured protagonists from the game, having been additionally illustrated in another artwork for the game, holding a shotgun. The aforementioned artwork has also been adopted for use as a Rockstar Games Social Club user avatar, the only one to represent the "Grand Theft Auto: London" category, and his appearance may hold a certain resemblance to both The Beatles' bassist Paul McCartney and The Who guitarist Pete Townshend.
Sid Vacant
Sid vacant.png
His name and appearance are based on the Sex Pistols' bassist Sid Vicious. The band released a song titled "Pretty Vacant" which explains his last name.
Wolfie Vilans
Vilans' appearance is a pastiche of the 'spiv' archetype in British culture, as evidenced by his kipper tie, pencil moustache and use of a cigarette holder. His appearance is a composite of various characters of the 'spiv' and/or 'wide boy' archetype, including Slasher Green, Prince Of The Wide Boys, Luigi Vercotti and Terrance Aubrey "Boycie" Boyce (as well as various characters portrayed by Terry-Thomas).

Here is a video to show the characters look in more detail in game.


GTA London 1969-61. Characters and Their Clothing

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