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Prostitution is a business in the Empire Building feature of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.


  • Small-time: $3000
  • Medium Venture: $5900
  • High-roller: $8800

Note: This and two other businesses (Protection Racket, and Loan Shark) can be constructed without access to Vice Beach. The initial Prostitution property Victor obtains in the storyline, located south of downtown, cannot initially be developed beyond small-time.

A Polaris V8 will spawn outside as the gang car.


To start the mission enter the premises, approach a gang member and press the R3 button (PS2) or the Up button (PSP). The mission is similar to the Pimping mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. All you have to do is drive your prostitutes to their clients. Although during the mission certain things can happen to make it a little more realistic.

Situation Number One

Sometimes the clients will run away without paying. If they do this all you have to do is run them over. You can also collect the money they drop but it might make you fail the mission.

Situation Number Two

Another part of the mission is where the clients will try to murder your girl because they think they received an STD from them. Doing this is kind of hard. You can try to run them over but you might risk lowering your girl's health. You could also do a drive-by on the client. This is easier but sometimes the factor of the bullets hitting your girl increase. Once you kill him you can pick up the money but it is recommended you don't do so.

Situation Number Three

A third outcome is that your clients will sometimes try to kidnap one of your girls. Despite the fact that in GTA: San Andreas you had a Broadway, in this game you have a Polaris V8 so you can respond to trouble more quickly than you could before. All you have to do is ram (or shoot) the clients car. Once he gets out you must kill him and rescue your girl then continue on.


  • Increased income: Complete all fifteen levels.
  • New Reputation: Mack Daddy, complete all fifteen levels.
  • New Outfit: Leisure Outfit, once you buy a High-roller Prostitution business. Available at every safehouse.

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