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Propositions are initiatives in which the people can directly vote on a law. Although not often mentioned, they help flesh out the world of GTA to create a more immersive experience. Players are unable to vote for propositions.


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Proposition 421

Proposed law against smoking, which would allow a citizen to legally shoot and kill a smoker for defense. It is referenced to frequently, specifically by Maurice of "Gardening With Maurice" where he complains that he should be able to smoke it as it comes from the ground "like coal or opium". The number is likely a reference to 420, which is often associated with marijuana culture.
Woman 1: If only the world was less like this...
Man: I could use a smoke (sound of lighter)
Woman 2: Hey! Put that out!
Woman 1: ...and more like this...
Man: I could use a smoke (sound of lighter)
Woman 2: You murderer! I might have children one day! (sound of gunshot)
Woman 1: Smoking kills. Unless you kill first. If you're around a smoker, you will die. Smokers may look like they're relaxed and having fun, but don't believe it. Vote "yes" on Proposition 421. Let's outlaw smoking everywhere - even in people's homes, and allow honest citizens to legally kill anyone who smokes. Let's live in a world without smokers! Prohibition works - let's prove it. Let's move up the food chain. It's time to smoke the smokers! Vote "yes" on Proposition 421.

Proposition 602

Proposed law to end mass-transit, converting bus-lanes and train tracks into more roads for the benefit of car owners. Can be heard frequently on SF-UR.
Man: Notice the traffic just keeps getting worse? Is your commute taking longer and longer because of traffic jams? It's not your fault. It's someone else's! Tired of watching people on the bus earn special privileges by traveling in a bus-only lane? You can vote to change the future of traffic in San Andreas. Vote "yes" on Proposition 602. By opening up the bus lanes and paving over train routes, you'll fly across town! People don't have a right to cheap transport. The Constitution is very clear on this. Remember, it's only a small step from mass transit to Communism. Proposition 602. Vote "yes." It's all about you.

Proposition 832

Proposed law to keep immigrants (illegal aliens) out of well-paid jobs. It is advocated by B.I.G.O.T. (Ban Immigration Green Cards Outright Today): "If we give them green cards, soon they’ll be just like us - overweight, unhappy, and too lazy to do menial tasks". This was based on California's real life Proposition 187, which passed in California in 1994 and would have prohibited illegal immigrants from receiving social services in the state, but was then overturned on grounds of being unconstitutional due to interfering with federal government affairs.
Man: Having trouble finding a place to park? Notice the lines are longer at the food store? Nineteen million illegal aliens live in this country, most of them in San Andreas.
"America the Beautiful" plays in background
Man: Our organization is Ban Immigration Green Cards Outright Today. Let's preserve the status quo in our favor. Vote "yes" on Proposition 832. Illegal aliens do a valuable job packing groceries and caring for your lawn. But they should learn - America is not a land of handouts. While they're illegal, they have no rights! They have no status! They have no expectations! And, they're happy to be here! It's a win-win for America. If we give them green cards, soon they'll be just like us- overweight, unhappy, and too lazy to do menial tasks. Vote "yes" on Proposition 832.

Grand Theft Auto V

Proposition 14


Proposed law to ban alcohol. It is sponsored by The Bean Machine.
Proposition 15
Proposed law to reinstate prohibition in order to bring back jazz. It is mentioned in radio commercials.

Proposition 43

Proposed law to outlaw nuclear families. It is mentioned in radio commercials.

Proposition 45

Proposed law to make carrying firearms at all times mandatory. It is mentioned in radio commercials.
Proposition 208
Proposition 208 Advertisement GTAV.png
Proposed law to legalize medical cocaine. It is mentioned once on The Fernando Show by Sue Murry who's for its ratification and Fernando Martinez agrees with her on it. It is also mentioned on the East Los FM. Billboards are placed around Los Santos about Prop 208 and a t-shirt is available to purchase in Grand Theft Auto Online.