"Forget about love, nothing's going to break your heart like the price of real estate. Free for all deathmatch on an unaffordable Cul de Sac near Mirror Park. Look out for the sniper on the grassy knoll."
―-Match description

Property Values is a Deathmatch featured in Grand Theft Auto Online.

This job was added in Valentine's Day Massacre Special update. It takes place just east of Mirror Park, East Vinewood, in a small high-end residential area. Players fight against each other in a series of cul-de-sacs within the area.

Vehicles present are mostly high-end sedans and coupes, like the Schafter, Jackal and Stanier, they can be found parked on the streets and in driveways.

Weapons are quite common, basic rifles and sub-machine guns can be found like the Bullpup Rifle, Special Carbine and Micro SMG. Other pickups are Health, Armour and Grenades.

Strangely, despite being added in the Valentine's Day Massacre Special update, no content from the update appears in the Deathmatch.


Property Values GTAO Map


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