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The Prize Ride Challenge is a feature of Grand Theft Auto Online added in the Los Santos Tuners update.


Every week, a prize vehicle will be on display PrizeRide-GTAO-HUDIcon.png on the back of a Slamtruck in the Car Meet. Varying challenges will be set for players to achieve in order to win the prize car for free. These challenges may take several days to complete.

The cooldown works identically to Reputation and Lucky Wheel with the addition of a 24-hour "grace" period[citation/verification needed] before the counter resets so it takes no less than 96 hours to complete a 4 day Prize Ride Challenge.

List of Weekly Prize Ride Challenges

Week Prize Ride Image Customization Challenge Notes
20 July 2021 Annis Remus
Street Race Series:
Place in the Top 3 for three days in a row.
Privately hosted races count, minimum of 2 competitors.
29 July 2021 Vulcar Warrener HKR
  • Racing Stripes Alt livery
LS Car Meet Sprint Race
Win 5 Sprint races
No time limit within the week
05 August 2021 Annis ZR350
  • Classic Racing Stripes livery
  • Benefactor (SUV) wheels
  • Limo Tint windows
Place Top 4 in five Pursuit Race Series races
12 August 2021 Karin Futo GTX
  • Rolling Dude No.8 livery
  • Dubbed (Tuner) wheels
LS Car Meet Sprint Race
Win 3 Sprint races for 4 days in a row.
Actual criteria unclear.[1]
19 August 2021 Vapid Dominator GTT
  • Vintage Racer livery
Place Top 5 in ten LS Car Meet Series races this week. Street Race or Pursuit Race series required. Minimum 2 players. DNF counts if 5 or fewer competing.
26 August 2021 Annis Euros
Place Top 2 in Pursuit Series Races for four days in a row this week.
02 September 2021 Übermacht Cypher
  • White Pinstripe livery
Place Top 1 in five Street Series Races this week. i.e. Win.

2 players minimum

09 September 2021 Pfister Growler
  • Coverup livery
  • Saisoku (Tuner - Chrome) wheels
LS Car Meet Sprint Race
Win 8 Sprint races
2 players minimum
16 September 2021 Dinka Jester RR
  • 44 racer livery
Place Top 3 in a Street Series Race for five days in a row this week. Privately hosted races count, minimum of 2 competitors

Claiming the reward

Once the challenge is completed, players can return to the LS Car Meet and claim their prize from the Interaction Menu. Like the Lucky Wheel podium prize vehicle, players are required to have a free garage slot available in order to claim their free vehicle. The vehicle will be delivered immediately to the chosen property garage.

Like the Lucky Wheel prize vehicles, Prize Ride cars have no base value but can be re-sold at Los Santos Customs for 50% of the cost of any customization applied, including the liveries and wheels that were pre-installed when it was won.


  1. Prize won on two accounts with 1 win on 3rd consecutive day (7 wins total over 3 days). 3rd account reset after 1st day, daily target met with 1st win on 2nd day, but took 2nd win on 3rd day to increment it to 3/4 and 4 wins the next day did not increment the counter at all (but did not reset the consecutive count). Claimed on 6th day with 2nd win (15 wins total over 6 days). A fourth account tested with 1 win per day and never incremented the counter.