Privateer Road is a north-south road in Grand Theft Auto IV spanning the longitude of Fishmarket South and Fishmarket North.


The road starts in the north at an intersection with Borlock Road and Feldspar Street near the Lower Easton Police Station in Lower Easton, serving as a continuation of Feldspar Street.

The road then turns 90 degrees towards the south where it runs parallel with the Union Drive East overpass for the entire span, before meeting with Barium Street outside the South Parkway Building entrance.

Along the entire road are parking areas underneath the Union Drive East overpass, along with several service entrances to nearby warehouses including RS Haul and the Liberty Sanitation Depot. A Trashmaster can be found parked outside the LSD Depot, a Fire Truck outside the Fishmarket South Fire Station, and up to three Buses parked at the side of the road just under the UDE overpass. Several Static Trailers are also found among parked cars.

On the west side of the road, many LTA bus stops are found on the sidewalk. The road is home to several skyscrapers lining the southern Algonquin skyline, including the Privateer Road Building with the Fishmarket South Fire Station and a Fife Palace store at the bottom, the Borlock Road Building and the Barium Street Building.


Location Type Road Direction Image(s)
Lower Easton / Fishmarket North Road begin Feldspar Street / Borlock Road
Road crossing Emerald Street
Road crossing Flatfish Place
Road end Barium Street



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