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You may be looking for Wet Workers, a mission in Grand Theft Auto Online, previously known as Wet Work.
Half of the team has to take out some lawyers outside City Hall, and bring back their deposition. The other half has to silently dispatch Rashkovsky's business partner and his guards.
— Brief.

Wet Work is the fourth and final heist setup for Prison Break in Grand Theft Auto Online.


After successfully completing the three previous setups, the crew reunites with Agent 14 at the apartment's planning room. Agent 14 congratulates the group for their work and briefs about a plan before releasing Maxim Rashkovsky from prison. He plans to clean up a few loose ends by killing two lawyers and a professor's old business associate. While he informs that the lawyers, Josh Sherman and Gavin Van Der Loop, are carrying the documents they will use against Rashkovsky, he warns that the business associate of the professor, Dima Popov, is "extremely paranoid" and has a huge security team.

The crew will be then separated into two teams of two for this mission: the City Hall Team, which takes care of the lawyers, and the Mansion Team, which takes care of the professor's associate.

City Hall Team

The City Hall Team is instructed to go to the City Hall and use a ladder from the opposite building to access the rooftop. Once they get their long-range weapons and stay on the vantage point, Agent 14 indicates that the lawyers will arrive shortly in a black Benefactor Schafter - they are instructed to not shoot at them until they are out of the car.

Once the targets are out of the car, both players have to kill both of them simultaneously. They are instructed to collect a deposition from the lawyers. However, a wanted level is triggered, and the LSPD surrounds the City Hall entrance, forcing the team to fight against them to retrieve the deposition.

Once the deposition is acquired, the team needs to lose the cops before taking the item to the apartment's planning room.

Mansion Team

The Mansion Team is instructed to go to the outlook near the mansion in Richman Glen. A cutscene is triggered, where Popov claims to one of his bodyguards that "it is not paranoia, it is being prepared" and "that is why I am not in jail".

After that, the crew is instructed to reach Popov and kill him without alerting any of the bodyguards. A Pistol with a Suppressor is provided for the team. If the team is spotted by the bodyguards, they will engage in combat against them, while Popov will try to escape down the ladders to reach his vehicle. However, the team still has a chance to kill him before he drives away.

Once Popov is killed, the team has to leave the area. If the City Hall team have not completed their part yet, the team can wait or help them with their mission.

Both Teams

Once the deposition is retrieved and outside the area after killing Popov, the mission is completed. This also unlocks the heist finale: The Prison Break.

Mission Objectives

City Hall Team
  • Go to the ladder at the vantage point.
  • Go to the vantage point.
  • Wait for the prosecutors to arrive in City Hall.
  • Collect the deposition.
  • Lose the Cops.
  • Deliver the deposition to the planning room.
Mansion Team
  • Go to the outlook near the mansion.
  • Take out Popov and his guards.
  • Leave the area.
  • Help the deposition to the planning room.


Video Walkthrough


GTA Online Heist 2 - The Prison Break - Wet Work (Criminal Mastermind)


  • (PS4, Xbox One & PC) Rarely, a glitch can occur that causes the Schafter carrying the lawyers to not show up at City Hall, eventually causing the City Hall team to fail. Restarting the Setup does not fix the issue, and the host will need to return to Free Mode, find a new session, then restart the Setup in order to resolve it. Similar mission-failing glitches can occur on The Fleeca Job (Finale), The Prison Break (Finale) and Humane Raid - Key Codes.