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Half of the team has to get a police cruiser, pose as cops, and go into a police station to get the prison transport schedule. The other half has to retrieve Rashkovsky's stolen car from a cargo ship at the port of LS.
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Station is the third heist setup for the Prison Break in Grand Theft Auto Online.


Agent 14 instructs the crew that they need to retrieve an inmate transfer schedule and Rashkovsky's Lampadati Casco sports car. The crew is split into two teams with the corresponding objectives: Cop Station and Cargo Ship.

Cop Station

The Cop Station team, dressed as police officers, must steal a Police Cruiser by any means, either by committing crimes or simply dialing 911 on the Mobile Phone. When they see a Police Cruiser, they must steal it and lose the wanted level.

With the vehicle acquired and the wanted level removed, they are instructed to infiltrate the Mission Row Police Station and get the schedule from the room located near the entrance. After that, the player who picked up the schedule must return to the vehicle. The team is then tasked with going to the underpass behind Lester's Warehouse and destroying the vehicle. Two Jerry Cans are provided to burn the vehicle, as well as a Felon GT near the marked area to leave once the job is done.

The team is now able to return to the host's apartment to leave the schedule in the planning room. If the Cargo Ship team has not completed their part yet, the team can either wait or help them with their mission.

Cargo Ship

The Cargo Ship team is tasked with going to Terminal, where Agent 14 informs that Rashkovsky's Casco is stored inside a container from a cargo ship. The ship is heavily protected by an enemy gang and the marked container is at the top of the stack, so the team has to be careful and take out the enemies near the access stairs, around the container stacks and on top of them. The team can reach the marked container by either the access stairs from the ship's bridge or from the few containers around the ship's bow. Another method is by climbing the middle crane and using the provided parachute to jump down to the container.

Once the team gets to the marked container, they just need to shoot the lock. A small cutscene is triggered, where the team (or the player who gets to the container), gets to the sides of the car and enters it. After that, the driver just needs to accelerate and jump off the container stack.

The team is instructed to drive the vehicle to the drop-off location near Sandy Shores. They have to be careful, as the enemy gang will spawn in Fugitives attempting to take out the team. This may also damage the car, so they have to resort to Drive-By Shooting if necessary. Before the drop-off location is shown, the player first has to lose the cops.

Once the Casco is delivered to the drop-off location (the same scrapyard near Sandy Shores as for the bus), a cutscene is triggered where the driver, who has been "preparing for a 40-hour drive to South America with energy drinks", appears and orders the player(s) to leave so she can take care of the vehicle.

From there, if the Cop Station team has not completed their part yet, the team can either wait, spectate or help them with their mission. A Baller is provided in case they have to help out.

Both Teams

Once both the schedule and the Casco are delivered to their corresponding locations, the mission is completed.

Mission Objectives

Cargo Ship
  • Go to the cargo ship.
  • Go to the container.
  • Shoot the lock off the container.
  • Take the Casco to the drop off.
  • Help deliver the schedule to the planning room. (If the Cop Station team has not completed their mission.)
Cop Station
  • Steal a Police Cruiser.
  • Lose the Cops.
  • Go to the police station.
  • Steal the prison bus schedule.
  • Get in the Police Cruiser.
  • Take the Police Cruiser to the underpass.
  • Destroy the Police Cruiser.
  • Take the schedule to the planning room.
  • Help deliver the Casco to the drop off. (If the Cargo Ship team has not completed their mission.)


Stealing the Casco.

Taking the schedule.

Video Walkthrough


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