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"Okay! I've got three riot control vehicles in operation. Sending you the coordinates."
— Unknown Boss

Riot Vans is a cut heist setup for the Prison Break heist in Grand Theft Auto Online.[1]


According to remaining audio files within the DLC files, "pbrv" (Prison Break Riot Vans) was going to be a heist setup for the Prison Break finale, which involved stealing a Police Riot from the LSPD. In the final game, the Riot van used during the heist finale is simply located in the parking lot within Bolingbroke Penitentiary, the point at which this setup mission would have played its minor part.[2]

The heist setup is voiced by a different character, the same character who voices another cut heist, indicating Prison Break was an early heist, originally voiced by this character, until Agent 14 replaced them. The character makes the players aware of three Riot Vans found around Los Santos, and that the players can take any one they choose. Van 1 is responding to a robbery on Palomino Avenue, Van 2 is at a precinct in La Mesa, while Van 3 is at a donut shop on Vespucci Boulevard. The boss lets the players tackle any one of the vans as they choose, but reminds them not to expect the police to "let it go easy".

Once the van has been stolen, he tells the players to run evasive maneuvers and lose the local law enforcement, before dropping off the van at the Bolingbroke Penitentiary parking lot.

Mission Objectives

Note: While not official on-screen objectives, these are based on the aforementioned audio files.

  • Steal a Riot Van
  • Lose the Cops
  • Take the Riot Van to the drop-off.


  • In the final heist, the Riot Van appears in the parking lot it was supposedly dropped-off in. Given the number of other preparations the players had (the plane, the schedule, the prison bus, and the wet work), it's likely this mission was cut in early development as it was unnecessary.
  • The voice over in the audio files remains unknown, however given that Agent 14 voices the Prison Break heist in-game, it's likely Agent 14 replaced this character.


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