"Steal an aircraft from the Vagos contraband smugglers at McKenzie Airfield. To be used to get Rashkovsky out of the country after the prison break."
―Heist Setup description.

Plane is the first heist setup for the Prison Break in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the Heists Update.


Agent 14 tells the crew that the Vagos have a Velum 5-Seater at McKenzie Field that they are using to transport drugs across the border. They need the plane so that their target, Maxim Rashkovsky, can leave the country when he's been broken out of prison.

Three members of the crew will need to clear the airfield of Vagos while the fourth member needs to steal the plane and take it to a hangar at Los Santos International. The crew members charged with dealing with the gangsters, must watch out for Vagos reinforcements that will appear during the shootout, be careful to not get surrounded by Vagos and thus, die more easily. It's best to have a member with a Rocket Launcher or Homing Launcher, ready to take out the reinforcement vehicles as soon as they appear. The mission ends when the Velum has been delivered to the airport and the other members leave McKenzie Airfield.

Mission Objectives

  • Go to McKenzie Airfield.
Pilot Objectives
  • Steal the Velum.
  • Deliver the Velum to the hangar.
Ground Team Objectives
  • Clear the airfield of Vagos.
  • Leave McKenzie Airfield


Pre-Release Screenshots

Video Walkthrough

GTA Online Heist 2 - The Prison Break - Plane (Criminal Mastermind)

GTA Online Heist 2 - The Prison Break - Plane (Criminal Mastermind)


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