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President Zane

President Zane is a character who appears on television in the episodes of Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto V.


Zane appears in the Republican Space Rangers science fiction/action cartoon show. He is the new president of The United States of America after the Rangers were asleep for eight years. The Rangers' plan was to kill him, but it ends with Dick shooting the Commander in the groin instead. The attempted assassination scene is possibly a parody on the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Zane's wife wears the same style of clothes as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, JFK's wife. Additionally, the vehicle in which Kennedy was assassinated also did not have a roof.

Zane is keen on writing autobiographies, as it is stated a few times in the episode, but only the names of two books are mentioned - "The American Dream" and "Sleepwalking Through Democracy", the last one is said to be #1 in the Intergalactic Best Seller's List. Zane also tries to develop a new, "Zaneiac" language and promotes it by publishing his latest autobiography in this language. He is voiced by Bill Lobley in four appearances.


  • Zane's head is shaped like a scrotum and his neck resembles a penis, continuing the tradition of phallic images appearing in the game.
  • It is strange that Zane is seen in presidential open-top car, as these cars were banned after President Kennedy's assassination.
  • Zane's wife's face resembles a vagina.