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Preparations (Preps for short) are side-missions featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the Doomsday Heist update.


Preparations are side-missions given to owners of Facilities when they start the setup missions.

In order to progress the Doomsday Heists, players must obtain the necessary Heist Prep Equipment to unlock the setup mission, and the process repeats in order to complete the heist finale (or acts, in this case). The Heist Crew can complete these preps and setups in any order.

There are three ways for completing the preparations:

  • Initiating a Freemode Preparation.
  • Stealing the equipment from rival Heist Crews.
  • Purchasing the equipment directly.

Freemode Preparation

Freemode Preparations are the standard way for acquiring the necessary equipment, which consist of free-mode tasks given to the crew to obtain it. Like Supplies and Air Freight Cargo missions, there is no specific way to progress the mission, as long as the required asset is obtained and delivered to the facility sucessfully.

Act 1: The Data Breaches

Paramedic Equipment

DDH-SetupIcon-GTAO Setup: Dead Courier
"Steal an ambulance containing paramedic equipment."
— Brief.

The crew have to move to the location where a paramedic and an LSSD officer are responding on an emergency. The crew have to take the Ambulance and lose the cops to retrieve the vehicle in the facility.


DDH-SetupIcon-GTAO Setup: Signal Intercepts
"Fight your way through a security team to access the garage where the Deluxos are stored."
— Brief.

The crew have to move to a mansion, where a security group are guarding Deluxo sports cars. The crew have to eliminate the head of security to find the key to the mansion's garage. Once inside, a small group will be found defending the target cars, so the crew have to eliminate them as well. Once acquired, the group have to take the vehicles to Los Santos Customs for a respray and plate change and then leaving it to deliver the vehicles to the facility.


DDH-SetupIcon-GTAO Setup: Server Farm
"Infiltrate the control tower at Fort Zancudo to download the location of the Akula helicopter."
— Brief.

The crew have to go to Fort Zancudo with military clothing and limited access pass. They need to go at the base's control tower, eliminate the tower officer and download the flight data for the Akula stealth helicopter. The download sequence will alert the military, so the crew have to defend the player who is acquiring the data.

With the data, the crew have to move to the location and take out the enemy group to steal the helicopter, lose the cops and delivering it to the facility.

Act 2: The Bogdan Problem


DDH-SetupIcon-GTAO Setup: Avenger
"Steal a riot van that contains keycards to the hangars at Los Santos International Airport"
— Brief.

The crew have to steal a Police Riot with keycards to access the LSIA hangars. The vehicle is used by the NOOSE that are assisting the LSPD in an armed robbery. The crew have to take out the police, take the van, lose the cops and deliver it to the facility.

ULP Intel

DDH-SetupIcon-GTAO Setup: Rescue ULP
"Take out Agent ULP's kidnappers and recover information on where he's being held."
— Brief.

The crew have to move to the specified location, where they need to take out the Agent ULP's kidnappers and recover information. There are four targets roaming around the city and must be eliminated to reveal the location. Once done, one of the crew heads to an apartment, where five more dealers will try to defend a bag containing the whereabouts of the Agent ULP. Once the bag is taken, two more thugs will arrive to take out the player. With the bag taken, the player regroup with the crew and have to evade more dealers in two cars before delivering it to the facility.

Riot Control Van

DDH-SetupIcon-GTAO Setup: Salvage Hard Drives
"Start a riot and wait for private security to respond with a Riot Control Van."
— Brief.

The crew have to move to the specified location and start a riot by throwing a Tear Gas can into the crowd. There will be Security Guards as well.

With enough attention, Gruppe Sechs security arrives in an RCV, with the driver manning the water cannon and the other occupants ready to use their Nightsticks. The crew have to take the vehicle, lose the cops and drive back to the facility.


DDH-SetupIcon-GTAO Setup: Submarine Recon[1]
DDH-PrepIcon-GTAO Prep: Torpedo ECU
"Find and steal trucks that are carrying some wrecked Strombergs."
— Brief.

The crew have to move to different locations where Wastelander flatbed trucks are carrying the Stromberg sports cars. If the truck is taken, the Import/Export crew will try to take them out in their sports/tuner cars. They need to evade them and deliver the trucks to the facility.

Torpedo ECU

DDH-SetupIcon-GTAO Setup: Submarine Recon[2]
DDH-PrepIcon-GTAO Prep: Strombergs
"Assault a barge off the coast and steal the torpedo electronic control units from arms dealers."
— Brief.

Lester informs that there are some arms dealers that have torpedo electronic control units on a platform over the maritime boundary, so they can give the torpedo functionality to the Strombergs. The crew have to move to the location, get into the platform and take out the enemies. Once the ECUs are taken, they have to evade more enemies in Frogger helicopters and take the devices to the facility.

Act 3: The Doomsday Scenario

Marked Cash

— Brief


— Brief


— Brief

Flight Plan

— Brief

Test Site Intel

— Brief

Onboard Computer

— Brief


Grand Theft Auto Online

  • The location of the "Paramedic Equipment" preparation in Route 1 appears to be the same as the "Crash Rescue" random event from Grand Theft Auto V, where Taliana Martinez was found and rescued.
  • Another way to complete the paramedic equipment preparation is to simply call 911 on the Mobile Phone. Lester claims "he though it was pretty obvious, so he didn't mentioned it".


  1. If the 'Torpedo ECU' Prep is completed.
  2. If the 'Strombergs' Prep is completed.
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