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This article (or section) refers to content in the Enhanced version for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC release of Grand Theft Auto Online that may be absent from other versions.
For a complete list of the features of the Enhanced version for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC version of Grand Theft Auto Online, please see here.

Premium Deluxe Repo Work is a series of eight Contact Missions featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the continuation of the Arena War update. They are given to the players by Simeon Yetarian and are available from 1 to 4 players.


You owe me a favor, remember? Good news — you help me with some profitable repo work, we call it even. Come to Premium Deluxe.
— Text message.

The main objective of most of the missions is to either steal or destroy various vehicles, which are usually protected by enemies. The missions can be played solo or by up to four players.

The initial three missions, Blow Up IV, Under the Hammer, and Sasquashed, were released on April 25, 2019, during the Premium Deluxe Repo Work Week event.

An additional three missions, Do You Even Lift?, GTA Today II, and RV Nearly There?, were released on May 2, 2019, during the Survival Week event.

An additional two missions, Burn Rate and Simeonomics, were released on May 9, 2019, during the GTA Online Bonuses (May 2019 Part 1) event.

List of Missions

Mission Description

Blow Up IV
Predatory pricing is an ugly business, my friend. You take your eye off your competitors for a moment, and they flood the market with imports. Now we must give the law of supply and demand a little assistance, yes? Go to their warehouse and remind them how market competition works in the land of the free. Destroy every last car.
— In-game description.

My people have a saying. If you want to kill a lot of birds, bring a big stone. Don't worry, I will explain. I have some clients and competitors who have tried my patience for too long - these are my birds. And the new delivery of monster trucks for Arena Wars - these are my stone. I just need someone to throw it.
— In-game description.

Under the Hammer
Consider this. An associate of mine liberates some beautiful cars from unsuitable owners and opens them up to the glories of the free market. What do the police call this shining example of economic innovation? A felony. And now, to add insult to incarceration, the police do the same thing in return - and they call it an 'auction of impounded goods'. Well, you for one will not stand for this hypocrisy. Raid the impound yard, retrieve the cars, and bring them to my garage at the docks.
— In-game description.

Do You Even Lift?
Sometimes I walk through Rockford Hills just to remind myself the American dream is still alive and well. And sometimes, behind the armored gates, I happen to see some very beautiful cars outside some very empty second mansions. An unscrupulous person could airlift them right out without triggering the alarm. Myself, I am a scrupulous person. This is why I have come to you.
— In game description.

GTA Today II
You know what a real man of people businessman is? In his heart of hearts? A problem solver. For example, I have a client with a very specific wish list. No problem - but he can only leave international waters for so long. At short notice, I must resort to some assertive repossession techniques. And this, my friend, is where you come in. I tell you which cars, tell you where they are, and you don't tell me what you had to do to acquire them.
— In-game description.

RV Nearly There?
I am a man with his finger up the pulse. So, when a limited edition MTL Brickade RV goes missing during transit to Los Santos, I hear about it. And when a filthy little tin can dealership in Sandy Shores mysteriously acquires just such an RV, I hear about this too. Well, Simeon Yetarian does not turn a blind eye to such impertinence. Go there, liberate this beautiful vehicle, and together we shall give it the owner it deserves.
— In-game description.

Burn Rate
Here is something I have learned. In this town, the fire department are just cops in different colored trucks. They put out the fire in your showroom on Monday, I guarantee the feds show up on Tuesday. So right now, when my latest shipment is going up in smoke thanks to the petty vindictiveness of my competition, I have nowhere to turn except you. I need you to deal with this, fast.
— In-game description.

Let me tell you a story. A local international businessman once sold some very expensive cars to a foreign buyer - off the books, of course. The cars were leaving town in the back of a privately chartered cargo plane, when a totally unconnected third party intercepted the shipment. After a discreet interval, they sold them back to the businessman for a small profit. A beautiful story, no? I have told it many times, and the cars never change...
— In-game description.


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