General view of the restaurant.

Prawn Vivant is a seafood restaurant in Grand Theft Auto V located opposite The Split Kipper on the corner of Bay City Avenue and Imagination Court in Vespucci Canals, Los Santos. Its menu consists of shrimp cockails, clam chowder, smoked salmon, smoked mackarel, stuffed clams, fish cakes and lobsters.


The business provides customers with indoor and outdoor seating, consisting of a wooden table and chairs. Three plants line the entrance to the building and a green neon surrounds the business' name. A United States Post newspaper, vending machine and bin can be found on the sidewalk in front.



  • The business' logo depicts a prawn with a napkin tied around its neck.
  • Its name roughly translates to 'living prawn' in French.
  • Also, the name is a play on the word Bon Vivant.
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