This article is about the radio station in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. For the vehicle, see Prairie.

Prairie Cartel is a radio station in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars that plays electronic and alt rock.


The station plays instrumental-only versions of songs by The Prairie Cartel. After appearing in the game, all tracks (except "Cloud Sombrero") were released on Prairie Cartel's 2009 album Where Did All My People Go.

This is the one of the favorite station of the Triads and the preferred station of Ammu-Nation couriers.


Note: The songs played in-game are instrumental versions.

Song: Preview:
"Burning Down The Other Side" by Prairie Cartel (2008)
"Beautiful Shadow" by Prairie Cartel (2009)
"Magnetic South" by Prairie Cartel (2009)
"Narcotic Insidious" by Prairie Cartel (2009)
"Fuck Yeah That Wide" by Prairie Cartel (2008)
"Cracktown" by Prairie Cartel (2008)
"Suitcase Pimp" by Prairie Cartel (2009)
"No Light Escapes Here" by Prairie Cartel (2009)
"Lost All Track Of Time" by Prairie Cartel (2008)
"Cloud Sombrero" by Prairie Cartel (2009)
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