"For those about to work."
―Power Metal slogan.

Power Metal is a tool company featured in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto V.


Several pieces of Power Metal branded equipment appear inside of Los Santos Customs, Beeker's Garage, Premium Deluxe Motorsport, Simeon's Delivery Garage, as well as the protagonist's garage in Grand Theft Auto Online. Many of their tools and equipment appears inside Vehicle Warehouses and Benny's Original Motor Works in the enhanced version of GTA Online.

Vintage Power Metal woodworking workshop tools can be found inside the Los Santos Naval Port in GTA V. Inside the main dock building there is a band saw, planer, circular saw, table saw and drill press next to two work tables with blueprints and a nail gun on each. In a side room on the east of the building, all but the circular saw are repeated along with a modern tool chest. The band saw can also be found outside at the Paleto Forest Sawmill.

As well as making products, they also appear as a sponsor for racing activities. They appear as sponsors on the liveries of Jester (Racecar) and Massacro (Racecar). In the enhanced version of GTA Online, they appear on posters around "Branded" Vehicle Warehouses.

Their tools make few major appearances in-game, however a Power Metal cordless drill is used in The Fleeca Job heist in Grand Theft Auto Online.

There appears to be two versions of their logo; an "M" with the spark icon cutting through the center, and another design without the spacing within the "M".


Power Metal appears to be based on the Craftsman tool brand owned by Sears. It could also have some influence from Würth in its logo, which is another tools company.

The Hotring Sabre has a Power Metal livery is inspired by a real NASCAR stock car sponsored by GM Goodwrench.





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