Poundage Fern is a main character and minor antagonist in Grand Theft Auto: London 1961.

In 1961, Poundage Fern owned a garage in Central Battersea and drives a Ferocious 312 F-1 racing car. In the years leading up to 1961, Fern had been an up-and-coming Formula One racecar driver, also earning many trophies in illegal street races. However Fern also had dealings with the criminal underworld of London and he also moonlighted as a pill-pusher.

Unfortunately for Fern he had incurred the wrath of at least two London mob bosses, not least Harold Cartwright of the Cartwright Gang, who sent the protagonist to take out Fern for good. However at Fern's garage the protagonist was met with six other enforcers from rival outfits, who were also looking for Fern, but the protagonist killed them all. He then obtained a Rocket Launcher and went after Fern, blowing him up in another car in which Fern was preparing to race.

The protagonist then took part in the street race in place of Fern, pretending to be him, winning the race and earning his trophy. The protagonist finally presented Fern's car and racing trophy to Harold Cartwright at his hideout.


The name Poundage Fern is probably a parody of real life racing driver Stirling Moss (Pound Sterling being the British currency, fern and moss being plants).


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