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At Braddock Farm they grow the kind of high-quality organic crops that sell for $3,000 a pound and are tended by scary men with machine guns. Pay a surprise visit and take over delivery of their next consignment.
— Description

Potshot is a contact mission available to the player in Grand Theft Auto Online.


Whilst heavily implied it is performed for Trevor Phillips, it is not offered via a phone message but started by walking into the blue corona (marked by a star icon on the player's radar) on the dirt road leading to the farm in Grand Theft Auto Online Freemode between 04:00 and 12:00.

This is one of six co-op "contact" missions not directly given by the contacts in GTA Online (including Coveted, Coasting, Crystal Clear Out II & III and Dirt Road). It can be accessed immediately upon reaching the required Rank by the Start>Online>Jobs menu (PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 only) or by walking into the job corona on the map (although the map coronas are limited by time of day).

Some of Trevor's competitors are growing high-grade weed in Braddock Farm and shipping it out via van. He wants the next shipment to be intercepted and delivered to his trailer. Players must assault the farm, clearing out any gang members in their way, and steal the van and deliver it to Trevor's Trailer in Sandy Shores.

2 gang members will be guarding the bridge and another gang member will enter the van at the farm as soon as the first shot is fired.

Gang members in 6 green Emperors will pursue the player(s) once they start driving the van.

Mission Objectives

  • Steal the van.
  • Deliver the van to Trevor's trailer.



  • The mission's name "Potshot", is a play on words. "Pot" is slang for weed, which is what the gang are growing and shipping out. A "potshot" is a gunshot fired without precise aim and little effort.
  • The weed boxes in the back of the van will disappear when the cinematic camera is activated, due to render distances. They will reappear when the cinematic camera is disabled.
  • The vans tires are bulletproof. This may be intentional for making the mission harder since the player can only stop the van by killing the gang members.