The Portsmouth is a vehicle in Grand Theft Auto 1.


Grand Theft Auto 1

The Portsmouth resembles a Plymouth Reliant, more specifically the sedan variation, evidenced by the four side windows seen on the car.


Grand Theft Auto 1

It has good speed and good handling, but has low durability.



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The Liberty City rendition of the Taxi is based on a Portsmouth.

Squad Car

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The Vice City and San Andreas renditions of the Squad Car are based on the Portsmouth.


Grand Theft Auto 1

  • Seen in Liberty City and San Andreas. It is featured in eight missions, all in San Andreas. During mission Phone 10-Part 1, one of the restaurant owners, Pu Ping is waiting for the player next to his Portsmouth with the protection money in a briefcase. In mission Phone 12-Part 1, the player has to take the Portsmouth of the deceased Yu Pong from the police impound yard. During mission Phone 17-Part 2, one of El Burro's informants, Ricardo is waiting for his money next to his Portsmouth. In mission Phone 19-Part 2, the protagonist has to dump three vehicles into the bay, including a Portsmouth. During mission Phone 20-Part 2, three of El Burro's men: Jorge, Pedro and Rodrigo are driving their Portsmouths before killed by the player. In mission Phone 21-Part 1, the protagonist is intended to meet Mike Tallon, acting for El Burro, and driving his Portsmouth, though he finds hitmen in the courtyard of Tallon's manor. In the next part of the mission, the player takes revenge on Tallon, who is also driving a Portsmouth. During mission Phone 22-Part 1, the player has to catch a Portsmouth, whose driver had something to do with the explosion that killed El Burro's 'pretty friend'. All ten Portsmouths are light blue.


  • The vehicle is named after the English city of Portsmouth, much like the Plymouth brand being named after the English city of Plymouth.


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